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[New Donation Promo] ArunafeltzRO June Butete 2022


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Donation Exchange Rates & Promos:

    10$ / 500 PHP = 500 Aruna Credits
    1 Aruna Credits = 10 Cash points

    May Summer Donation Promo: 
    For every 10$/500php Donation you will get additional 15x Dragon Scroll, 1x Premium Costume Enchant Ticket & 7 Day VIP Pass

     Donation Credits Promo:
    +50% Aruna Credits on 1k+
    +65% Aruna Credits on 2k+ 
    +75% Aruna Credits on 3k+
    +85% Aruna Credits on 4k+
    +100% Aruna Credits on 5k+

    Donation Extra Bonus:

    1k donation: 3 Token
    2k donation: 6 Token
    3k donation: 10 Token
    4k donation: 13 Token
    5k donation: 16 Token
    6k donation: 20 Token

    Note: Tokens can be used to buy limited edition costumes and items ingame. 

June Donation Package: for every 2500 Spent you will receive a June Donation Package
    - 1 Aruna Donator Token
    - 50 Bloody Card Album
    - 3x Premium Equipment Enchant Ticket
    - 3x GM Refine Ticket +10
    - 1x Limited Edition Costume Summer Suit v2 or 1x Limited Edition Headgear Costume
Headgear Costume List:
    Athena Wing
    Slyph Helm
    Satan Horns
    Thanatos Sword
    Summer Suit V2

Donation Guide Here:


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