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Update June 17, 2022 (Long Butete is <3)


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Hello guys the update is finally here! , thank you all for waiting and joining us on our struggles on testing things. there are many factors why the update got delayed (Including the last election on PH as i have been very active in supporting my father in law for his campaign).
Some features that we have discussed prior to this update have not made it to final testing like the Guild Dungeon V2 & many things including suggestions. But dont worry busy days are over GM Noah & GM Hennessy is also back so i can now focus on a lot of things.

Thank you for your long loong looong patience butetes, we love you all ❤️ 







1. Akatsuki Quest (Hidden NPC)
The Akatsuki agent is always watching for new shinobi to recruit so he infiltrated the most suitable place to do his job.


2. Champion MVP System

    We have added 306 Champion Monsters in 306 different maps. Killing the Champion mobs have 25% chance to spawn a random [Champion MVP], Defeat them and obtain awesome rewards!

Note: When the [Champion MVP] is alive the map turns into a PVP Battlefield.

There are 4x Champion Monster per Map & Each of them respawns every 30 minutes.

Use the Champion Mob Detector to see if there is an alive Champion Monster in your map. You can buy this at the Donation Shop NPC (@donate)

Loot Rewards:

Champion Mob:
50% chance for 1x Champion Mob Token & Normal Loot Drops

Champion MVP

1x Champion Boss Seal, 10x Champion Mob Token & MVP Drops from the monster.

Champion Boss Seal & Champion Mob Token are used as a currency on Strong Butete & Awra Champion NPC (Location: mall01 117 136)

List of Champion Mobs and Their Location Visit the Link Below:
Champion MVP System - ArunaWiki (arunafeltz.com)

3. New Instance added available at Instance Manager
    Bakonawa Lake

    Buwaya Cave


4a. Item Additions
    Chrome Quest

     Eternal Rest Dagger


    Elucidator Sword

Dark Repulser

Elucidator X Dark Repulser (Combined Weapon)

    Strong Butete (Location: mall01 117 136)
     - Added various Saiyan Costumes & Items on Saiyan Butete

    Awra Champion (Location: mall01 117 136)
     - Added various Aura Costumes Middle & Lower on Awra Champion. Just Visit his location to view his collections ❤️

    Token Shop
     - Added New Costumes on Token Shop
    Donation Shop
     - Added New Costumes on Donation Shop

    Other Domain Shop
     - Added New Costumes on Domain Shop
4b. Item Changes
    - Fixed Faceworm + Dark Faceworm Card Combo.

    - Increased Superior Lord of Death Coma Chance (from 0.01% to 0.2%)

    - Medium Life Potion (ITEMID#14535) is now tradable

    - Adjusted Costume Wandering Sakkat (ITEMID#31415) to Upper gear slot.
    - Increased Item Drop of the following items by x3:
        Menblatt Card
        Petal Card
        Cenere Card
        Headless Mule Card
        Mavka Card
        Wakwak Card
        Antique Book Card
        Lichtern Blue Card
        Lichtern Green Card
        Lichtern Red Card
        Lichtern Yellow Card
        Peony Mamy
        Nightmare Ancient Mummy Card
        Weird Coelacanth Card
        Dark Coelacanth Card

5. Class, Skills & Game Battle Mechanics Changes

    Battle Mechanics
     Poison Status
     - Poison Status can now kill the enemy and no longer stopping at 25% HP.
     - Having 160+ VIT or LUK can resist this status.
     Deadly Poison Status
     - Deadly Poison Status can now kill the enemy and no longer stopping at 25% HP.
     - Having 160+ VIT or LUK can resist this status.
     Bleeding Status
     - Now Deals fixed (1000 + 5%*MaxHP) damage every 10 seconds.
     - Switching Weapons (Regardless of Type) will now cancel the ongoing song of the caster. (for faster song switching)

     - Spurt Status no longer requires the user to be bare handed to activate.
    Guillotine Cross
     Counter Slash
     - Enabled Critical Damage on this skill.
     - Added 250ms Fixed Cooldown.
    Assassin Cross
     Class Changes
     - Increase MaxHP by +15%
     Sonic Blow
     - Added 100ms Fixed Cooldown.

     - Increase Desperado Damage by +25%.
6. General Changes
    - Made dragon weapon random chest tradable

    - Added ArunafeltzRO Donator Token as a Vending Currency.

    - Reworked Item Mall NPC's , Removed some Rare MVP Equipment Drops.
    Enchanment System
    - Added 3~5% Reduce Attack Delay on Costume Enchant Tier 1 list.
    - Upgraded Gambler Domeng NPC Rewards.


You can only Claim once per Device!
@warp veil 115 30

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