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[Guide & Info] Getting To Know The NPCs

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=====Here's a guide to our Main Town (Veil) NPCs. =====

As you pass through the inevitable warp portal in order to start your adventure, You'll be greeted by the following NPCs:


Aruna Staff: @warp veil 114 39

Solo Pack Distributor: @warp veil 127 39

Guild Package Info: @warp veil 126 29

If you are new, use @request "I'm new to the server, can I please have more freebies to help me start?"
GMs that are currently available may provide  you with further freebies if they check that you're actually new to the server.


After receiving the freebies, you'll then want to go straight further and you'll be greeted by the following NPCs:


Training Grounds: @warp veil 112 73

[Couldn't find sprite]
Daily Blessings: @warp veil 127 73


And walking further ahead, you will be greeted by the following NPCs:


Storage Dao: @warp veil 102 94 (urgh, my spot).
Allows you to have 7 different storage aside from your @storage or kafra storage.

Potion Brewer: @warp veil 109 90
Allows you to brew Aruna Elixer (main potion for WOE).

Bring Me Event: @warp veil 114 88
Allows you to trade 1 card of the specific item he asks for 1 Bring Me Event Coin which you can use to purchase from his shop.

Monster Hunter: @warp veil 118 87
Allows you to hunt the monster he specifically asks for and receive 1 Monster Hunter Coin per monster kill.

Unique ID: @warp veil 125 88
This is what [Developer]@Devjuanuses to identify a player if it's a dual (sub-account) or not.

Mall Warper: @warp veil 132 94
Allows you to warp to the Mall.

Dragon Researcher: @warp veil 138 95
Allows you to venture the Dragon Valley Map (50M fee).

I purposefully didn't include Alicia as she's no longer available.


And at the centre of the Main Town, here are the following NPCs you might encounter:


Punch Bag Owner: @warp veil 110 129
Allows to set up the Advanced Punching Bag

[Couldn't find sprite]
Advanced PBag: @warp veil 115 135
Allows to test damage; you can set it up using NPC Punch Bag Owner

[Couldn't find sprite]
Punching Bag: @warp veil 126 135
Allows testing damage; universal settings.

Dress Rozo: @warp veil 133 129
3rd Job Alternative Sprite Quest (Naught Sieger, Endless Tower)

VIP Setting: @warp veil 131 126
Allows you to have more buffs aside from Agility & Blessing (FCP, Stat foods, etc).

Stylist: @warp veil 134 125
No introduction is needed. It's all about your style.

All In One Shop: @warp veil 135 113
Allows you to perform different NPC features (Platinum Skill, Remove Card, Rental Master, etc).

Build Reset Girl: @warp veil 133 110
Allows you to save, love, and reset your current build.

Tool Dealer: @warp veil 131 111
Allows you to purchase Usable Items, Stat foods, Soul Link Scrolls, Alchemist & Blacksmith Tools, etc.

Warper: @warp veil 123 115
If you're not familiar with the @warp feature, this NPC will help you get to where you want to be.

 Healer: @warp veil 118 115
The most powerful NPC when it comes to aiding you.

Kafra Employee
Kafra Employee: @warp veil 110 111
Allows you to save your save point and use your storage (or simply type @storage).

Guild Warehouse: @warp veil 109 114
Allows you to use your guild storage (If you're allowed) and see who has used and opened the guild warehouse/storage (@gstorage).

Job Master: @warp veil 106 113
The fastest way to change jobs.

WOE Information: @warp 108 110
If you're not part of our discord, this will help you determine the time for WOE or KOE.

 PVP Room: @warp veil 116 118
Are you brave enough?


On the left hand side of the map, you may find the Enchanting System & Quests Shop that may aid you with your adventures.


Sindri - Quest Shop: @warp veil 91 132
Allows to craft Weapons, Headgears, Armours, Costumes, and Accessories with a 60% chance of success.

Brok - Quest Shop: @warp veil 89 127
Allows to craft Weapons, Headgears, Armours, Costumes, and Accessories with a 100% chance of success.

Chrome Quest: @warp veil 89 123
Allows to craft powerful Weapons, Headgears, Armours, Costumes, Accessories, and Cards (LHZ included).

WOE Shop: @warp veil 89 118
Allows you to trade in ARO Castle Drops for God Items and GvG enabled equipment.

Castle Drop Eater: @warp veil 90 115
Allows you to trade in castle drops for castle drop points, and vice versa (randomised).

Tierra Enchanter: @warp veil 91 104
Allows you to strengthen your equipment using Enchants.

Costume Enchant Transfer: @warp veil 94 104
Allows you to transfer enchants between costumes.

Godly Costume Enchanter: @warp veil 97 107
Allows you to enchant your costume equipment.

Re-roll Tier Enchant: @warp veil 86 99
Allows you to re-roll Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Enchants by offering a sacrifice of the same equipment.

Re-roll Costume Enchant: @warp veil 88 97
Allows you to re-roll Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Costume Enchants by offering a sacrifice of the same equipment.

Advanced Costume Reroll: @warp veil 90 95
Allows you to re-roll faster using a Costume Re-roll Ticket.


Assuming you're still around this area, when you take SOUTH, these are the following NPCs:


Settings: @warp veil 83 102
Allows you to toggle Rates on Login, Show Experience, and PVP Announcement (Account, not per character).

Security System: @warp veil 81 104
Allows you to secure your account from trading and dropping items/equipment in case someone hacked your account.

Power Stone Eater: @warp veil 76 96
Allows you to trade in Power Stones in exchange for Stone Points.

Aver De Dosh: @warp veil 76 93
Allows you to embed Power Stones onto your Costume Equipment (Upper, Middle, Lower, and Garment).

[GAME] Whack-A-Mole: @warp veil 76 89
As the name suggested.

The Other Domain: @warp veil 78 88
A way to challenge yourself with a time attack is The Other Domain.

GMT Shop: @warp veil 80 86
Geffen Magic Tournament Coin which can be traded for ridiculously powerful equipment.

Instance Manager: @warp veil 84 83
Allows you to warm to different Instances, and can also check the cooldown/reset your instance run.

Instance Shop: @warp veil 86 81
Allows you to purchase Instance Reset Tickets, 3rd Job suits, equipment, and cards.

3rd Monthsary Shop: @warp veil 91 75
Allows you to buy Special Items such as VIP Pass, Hourly Coin, etc. Can only be obtained through GM "Shower."

Bossnia Staff: @warp veil 97 87
Allows you to enter the Dungeon, purchase Green Valkyrie Set and more.

Branch Manager: @warp veil 103 80
Allows you to have your own Dead/Bloody Branch Room (needs to be in a party).


And here are the NPCs when you take NORTH from the Quest Shop Area:


PVP Ladder Stats: @warp veil 109 145
Allows you to check your own PVP status, and others' most kills.

Breaker Rankings: @warp veil 104 148
Allows you to gain 1 point per Emperium break (WOE).

Emperium Breaker: @warp veil 100 142
Allows you to test and see how long for you to break an Emperium (needs to be in a guild).

MVP Ladder: @warp veil 96 134
Allows you to receive rewards (TOP Players only) for killing naturally spawned MVPs throughout the World Map.

Leablem: @warp veil 92 161
Allows to add slots to weapons and armour, unlike his brother Seiyablem, his slotting services are limited.

Dietrich: @warp veil 89 158
Allows purifying Rough Oridecon or Rough Elunium. He will need 5 rough stones to make a pure one.

Hollgrehenn: @warp veil 86 156
Allows refining all kinds of weapons, armour and equipment. Each refinement would generate a fee and would need items: Weapons would need Oridecon and Armor/Equipment would need Elunium. 

Vurewell: @warp veil 83 153
Sells two kinds of Metal which are Phracon used for Level 1 Weapons and Emveretarcon for Level 2 Weapons.

Seiyablem: @warp veil 80 151
Allows adding Slot to normal Weapons and Armour. He would ask for specific items and fees depending on the Weapon or Armour you are adding a slot to.

Godly Refiner: @warp veil 79 157
Allows refining items straight to Safe Refine Limit, Normal, Or Multiple Times.

Suhnbi: @warp veil 84 161
Allows you to refine all kinds of weapons, armour and equipment.

Blessed Blacksmith: @warp veil 74 161
Allows you to refine armour and equipment using Blacksmith Blessings.

Blessed Ore Refiner: @warp veil 73 158
Allows you to refine armour and equipment using Blessed Oridecon (weapons) and Blessed Elunium (armours).

Ticker Refiner: @warp 75 156
Allows you to refine items using a Refine Ticket.

Aro Dyestuff Maker: @warp veil 83 139
Allows you to make Dyestuff.

Morgenstein: @warp veil 81 137
Allows you to purchase Counteragent & Mixture.


On the right-hand side of the map, these NPCs will blow your mind away:


Central Exchanger: @warp veil 147 101
Allows you to exchange different in-game currencies.

Gold Room: @warp veil 144 104
Allows you to farm gold by points (1 point = 1 gold = 100,000z).

MVP Shop: @warp veil 148 108
Allows you to purchase costumes using MVP coins.

Cap Claw Machine: @warp veil 149 112
Allows you to gamble 250,000z for a chance to win Basketball Caps (Brok - Quest Shop Costume Quest).

Domeng: @warp veil 150 117
High Stake Gambler (7 Gold ARO Coins = 700M Zeny).

Hourly Shop: @warp veil 150 122
Allows you to receive Hourly Points to exchange for Hourly Coins and purchase items.

Donation Shop: @warp veil 149 126
Allows you to use your Aruna Token (obtain from Donating/Supporting the server) to purchase items and equipment.

Token Refund: @warp veil 152 127
Allows you to exchange your item (bought using Aruna Token) back to Aruna Token.

[Couldn't find sprite]
Event Shop: @warp veil 148 130
Allows exchanging Event Tickets for certain Costumes, Popular, Buff Foods and Armours.

Fashion Area: @warp veil 143 132
Allows you to try on different costumes all at once (Upper, Middle, Lower) but it's incomplete (Not all the available headgears to obtain are there).


SOUTH from where you currently are (right-hand side of the map) will have these NPCs:


MVP Warper: @warp veil 148 92
Warps you to a secluded location where you can fight commonly seen MVPs.

Pet Master: @warp veil 152 97
Allows you to purchase Pet Usable/Foods, and Pet Goods (Equipment).

Coin Exchanger: @warp veil 157 103
Allows you to exchange Zeny for Coins or Coins to Zeny.

Stalker: @warp veil 162 108
Allows you to copy certain skills without the need of asking someone else (Exclusively for Stalker Class).


And here are the other NPCs that you may find interesting:


King Poring: @warp veil 141 141
Allows you to exchange a certain amount of monster cards (any) and possibly receive an MVP card in return. Here's the list.

Disguise Event: @warp veil 164 121
 Allows you to join Disguise Event which is announced throughout the server broadcast, watch out for these events. This NPC will disguise itself as a random monster available to Ragnarok Online. You have to shout (chat in public) that monster’s name. 

Stop The Clock: @warp veil 163 165
A GM activation event usually used by [GM] Penelope

Maze Runner: @warp veil 178 149
A GM activation event is usually used by [Admin]@Helsinki

If you would like to donate or support the server, here's the GUIDE on how to.


Claiming  your title for the extra buff in-game, the NPC is located here:


[Couldn't find sprite]
Donation Milestone: @warp veil 209 219
Allows you to retrieve your Donation Milestone or Supportive  Title (in-game) for additional buffs.


Thank you, God bless.


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