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Guild Pack Optimization

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this might not concern established guilds but it is really a burden for starting guilds to waste resources on people posing as eager "loyal" "meme"bers only to vanish and never again seen upon receiving their items.

so as a remedy, may i propose to make the gpack items to be guild bounded so as to discourage such exploit. these means, all items acquired from the gpack will return to the gstorage when a member will leave or get removed from the guild. in this way, guilds will be empowered to control the items by removing inactive members and not worrying about the items since it will be stored in the gstorage. 

additional benefit would be freeing up the guild member's slots since based from experience, albeit short atm, gpack equipped members are clogging up the numbers, thus limiting the guild to recruit new members. at the back of any Guild Leader's head is the loss of gpack slots, so i guess it also lessens the pressure of managing a guild - new members = gpacks always ready.

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