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[GM] Skye

Aruna Ambassador Winners

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It is time to announce who is Aruna's Ambassador for 2021!!!

GM's Choice:

First place goes to...

Congratulations Janes Snow
Si janes active sa lahat ng activities, in-game and social media events. Malaki ring cotrib yung pagpepresent na gumawa ng guild at maghelp ng newbies. - Mors

Mamshie janes despite her past actions on the server has contributed greatly to the community with a friendly and easygoing nature - Dev1

Para sakin si janes dahil nakuha nya yung crowd d ko alam kung paano pero hindi yun ang basehan ko, dahil sya pinakamaingay sa server okay rin naman ginawa nya crowd control - Helsinki

Janes got our vote because of all the effort and the hardwork he's done to better our community, her character development since the beginning may have kept us on our toes but his commitment and endless support to Aruna is the reason why we think he deserves to be Aruna Ambassador.  - Skye and Astesia



Second place:

Pangalawa para sakin si mcdonald dahil kahit nasa trabaho sya nag raragna sya pero dapat hindi tayo masisi kapag na fired kase naglalaro while on duty - Admin

My vote on Janes and Mcdonuts are almost the same if i can make it a TIE i will make it that way but we need to rank it. mcdonuts has contributed greatly to the community with his friendly and easygoing nature. they both attract and inspire players to play the server. -Dev1

Si mcdonuts active sa mga events outside the game esp. sa mga advertisement videos. Kung contribution sa server ang labanan, on-par sila. - Mors


Third place:

Nicasio Asiong Salonga
His ability to compete since the beginning shows his dedication. His game face is intimidating and his willingness to strive to be the best is something to be proud of.


Fourth place:

Zeirra has taken us by surprise by his drawing skills, good looks and enthusiasm as an Aruna player. He has contributed to the server's economy and in maintaining a positive community for all our current, new and pioneer players.


Fifth place:

old school
old school has captured our uwu hearts us with his fansign and we hope to see more of his presence in our community in the future, despite being a newbie we admire his grand and eye catching introduction through this event.


Breakdown of Facebook likes and share portion:

1st place: Janes with 122 likes and 12 valid shares

2nd place: Mcdonuts with 75 likes and 18 valid shares

3rd place: Nicosia Asiong Salonga with 58 likes and 8 valid shares

4th place: old school with 8 likes

5th place: Zeirra with 4 likes


Screenshot (57).png


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