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Loading screen making contest

Gm Noah

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Rules :
Must be unique style with aruna logo.
See top Picture as Example :)
Theme is for most unforgettable memories on arunafeltz this month.
Must not be from google.
Participants must state why you choose that memories in the forum post (Not necessarily need to be included on the picture) 1 Loading Screen
entry per player We will choose top 5 .. rest of participant will recieve conso Participants.
must submit their entry on our Forums We will be posting the 5 best pick of the gm's on faceboook group
then the entry with most vote of the players will win Only the first vote will count. (1 Vote per player/person no double voting)
Gm picking criteria for the top 5 pick
Unique style 30%
Creative 20%
Aruna logo 10%
Originality 30%
Best answer on why did you choose that memories 10%
We will accept entries until Sept 17, 2021
Top 5 voting will start on Sept 17 till Sept 18, 2021 (10:00AM).
Goodluck Arunian's
Top 1, 3 aruna token 500cv 1k etix
Top2, 500 cv 500 etix
Top3, 400cv 500 etix
Top4, 300cv 500 etix
Top5, 200cv 500 etix
Conso, 500 etix


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Here's my entry for the contest. I chose these memories and these images because Arunafeltz RO - for me - signifies camaraderie, bonds, and relationships that transcend the gaming experience whether it be from your PC screen or your phone. It is unlike any other private server that I have ever played or experienced. From day 1, the very people who offered to help me in showing me what things I need to farm or what items I need to aim for have become my friends and these bonds have made my Arunafeltz RO experience that much more enjoyable. The photo on the right is me with some players and some of the admins of the game, and the reason I added that is because I have never encountered any other private server with this much hands-on involvement from admins and this is something I greatly appreciate. We see how hard they are working to maintain the positive enjoyable experience for us players and this is something that will keep me playing Arunafeltz RO for a long, long time. Thank you!

ARO Loading Screen Entry.png

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Hi there My name is Lance Liam also known as Momshie Janes and im proud to say that im a member of LGBTQ community:


I created this Loading screen "which you can see its a colorful one" and i created it myself to prove that showing my ass is my only talent (joking lol) , I chose to create a colorful one to tell everybody that no matter how dark is the path we are taking right now a colorful path will appear soon, This is also to reminisce the classic ragnarok that we used to have, This is to bring the Nostalgic feeling for everyone, I couldnt be more happy with aruna feltz ro on how the admins and players treated me, But as far as my path gives color i will share it to other people mostly to newbies who is trying to become a succesful player here with our server.


I know i been into some issues that people makes but that makes me stronger , i keep my circle small , Trust me with this "LESS TALK LESS MISTAKES" trust your self and the process and someday we will be one of the successful players here in arunafeltz RO.


Thank you for all the love and support admins and players you given me, its enough to make me happy and to continue playing ARUNAFELTZ RO.







No description available.


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