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Update Sept 1, 2021 (Bifrost Expansion Part 1/3)


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1. Added New Areas & Regions

    ~ Bifrost
        - Added Bifrost Tower Dungeon & Monsters
        - Bifrost Monsters & Some changes
            - Remove some item drop from bifrost field monsters (Type @mi <monsterid> for monster info ex. @mi 1002 , for Poring)

    ~ Malangdo
        - Added Malangdo Dungeon & Monster
        - Added Malangdo Culvert Instance
        - Added Octopus Cave Instance
        - Added Malangdo Weapon Enchantment System
Ref Link: https://irowiki.org/wiki/Malangdo_Enchants
    ~ Port Malaya
        - Added Malaya Fields (ma_fild01, ma_fild02) & Monsters
        - Added Malaya Dungeon (ma_dun01) & Monsters
        - Added Bangungot Hospital Instance
Ref Link: https://arunafeltz.com/wiki/index.php/Bangungot_Hospital

    ~ Brasilis
        - Added Brasilis Field & Monsters
        - Added Brasilis Dungeon & Monster

    ~ El Dicastes
        - Added El Dicastes Field & Monsters
            - Removed Bradium Ring drop from Dolomedes.
        - Added El Dicastes Dungeon & Monster
    ~ Dewata
        - Added Dewata Field & Monsters
        - Added Dewata Dungeon & Monster
    ~ Izlude Dungeon F6 (iz_dun05)
        - Added Izlude Dungeon F6 Dungeon & Monsters
        - Removed Sropho Card Drop.
        - King Dramoh Card, lower drop rate
    ~ Nightmare Pyramid (moc_prydn1 , moc_prydn2)
        - Added Nightmare Pyramid Dungeon F1, F2 & Monsters


2. New Freebies and Guild Package for Old and New Players of the server!

You can obtain the New Freebies on the Solo Pack Distributor NPC on Veil


You can obtain the New Gpack from the GM's just type @request

3. Added Gambler Domeng NPC (veil 149,116)
    ~ Win Various Prizes on Domeng NPC

4. Added Battle Points System (PVP, WOE, KOE).
    ~ Players are now able to earn points through defeating other player in certain maps. (1 Kill = 1 Point)    ~ PVP Points
        - Obtain PVP Points inside the PVP Room
    ~ KOE Points
        - Obtain KOE Points by participating on KOE.
    ~ WOE Points
        - Obtain WOE Points by participating on War of Emperium.



        PVP Shop, KOE Shop, WOE Shop Opening 

        When: 6:00PM (September 1, 2021)
        This is to fully test the points system if there are exploits/bugs. to avoid ruining the economy if ever there is any problem


5. Modified the following Skills:

    Assassin Cross:
        ~ Enchant Poison
            - Effect changed to provide +2/4/6/8/10/12/14/16/18/20% Bonus damage. (Damage modifier)
            - Bonus Damage will not affect the following skills: Asura Strike, Sacrifice, Soul Destroyer
            - Changed skill behavior to only buff the caster (Cannot buff other players aside from the caster).
    Lord Knight:
        ~ Berserk
            - User can now chat when on berserk status.
        ~ True Sight
            - Bonus Damage will not affect the following skills: Asura Strike, Soul Destroyer. (This change is made for Sniper Card effect balancing)
        ~ Ankle Snare
            - Reverted HP of Ankle Snare trap from 30k to 10k(Default)
            - Reduced Maximum Active instance of Ankle Snare trap from 12 to 7
    Star Gladiator:
        ~ Enabled Casting Hatred on Emperium
6. Modified the following items:

    Lord Knight Card
        ~Modified Effect:
            Enables use of Level 1 Berserk.
            Maximum HP - 50%
            Enable effect of the Endure skill so long as the Headgear to which this card is compounded is equipped.
            Class: Card 
            Compound on: Headgear

    Assassin Cross Card
        ~Modified Effect:
            Enables use of Level 3 Cloaking.
            Enables use of Level 5 Enchant Poison.
            Note: Enchant Poison on Arunafeltz is a Modified Skill.
            Class: Card
            Compound on: Right Accessory

    High Wizard Card
    Master Smith Card
        ~Modified Effect:
            Add a 10% chance of breaking the enemy's weapon and a 7% chance of breaking the enemy's armor when attacking.
            Enables use of Level 2 Maximum Over Thrust.
            Class: Card
            Compound on: Weapon

    High Priest Card
        ~Modified Effect:
            Blesses an Armor with the Holy elemental.
            MaxHP +77%
            Class: Card 
            Compound on: Armor

    Sniper Card
        ~Modified Effect:
            Enable use of Level 1 True Sight.
            Class: Card 
            Compound on: Right Accessory

    Dragon Cyclops
        ~Fix Effect:
            - Change formula of ATK+5% effect to be a racial ATK+5% to all enemies.

    Peony Mamy
        ~ Modified Effect:
            - Increased Cooldown and lower drop rate.
    Temporal Boots Enchant
        ~ Modified Effect:
            - Reduced Muscle fool enchant's damage reduction to 20%.
    Aegir Helm
        ~ Modified Effect:
            Guild Helm
            Owned by the legendary valkyrie hero Aegir who draws power from the light of Endil.
            Reduces after cast delay of all skills by 40%.
            [If base Dex = 255]
            Increase Damage LongRange by 10%
            [If base Str = 255]
            Physical damage + 10%
            [If base Vit = 255]
            MaxHP + 10%
            [If base Int = 255]
            MATK + 10%
            Class: Headgear
            Defense: 5
            Location: Upper
            Weight: 25
            Required Level: 1
            Applicable Job : All Jobs

    Aegir Mask
        ~ Modified Effect: 
            Guild Middle headgear
            Owned by the legendary valkyrie hero Aegir who draws power from the light of Endil.
            MaxSP +2%
            MaxHP +2%
            Atk +2%
            Matk +2%
            Class: Headgear
            Defense: 0
            Position: Middle
            Weight: 25
            Level Requirement: 1
            Jobs: All except Novice
    Aegir Shoes
        ~ Modified Effect: 
            Guild Shoes
            Owned by the legendary valkyrie hero Aegir who draws power from the light of Endil.
            Movement Speed 70%
            Maximum HP and Maximum SP +25%
            [Mage, Archer, Acolyte, Taekwon or Ninja Class]
            Max HP + 25%.
            [Swordman, Merchant, Thief Class, Taekwon or Gunslinger Class]
            Max SP + 25%.
            Class: Footwear
            Defense: 4
            Weight: 25
            Jobs: All

7. New Quest additions:

    Chrome Quest
        ~ Added Awakened Mjolnir Quest
            - Ongoing Event First to Make Awakened Mjolnir Race! Details will be posted Soon!
        ~ Added the following Elemental Bullets Quest on Chrome Quest NPC
            - Ghost, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth
            - All of these Bullets are stronger than your normal bullets.
    Brok & Sindri
        ~ Added the Freebie Armor Set(Angelic Set) on Brok & Sindri Quest Shops.

8. Added Costume Exchanger on Malangdo (malangdo 227 181)
    - Added 202 New Costumes
    - All Costumes here are special and can be double enchanted (Option Enchant + Stone Enchant) later on.
    - All Costumes here does not have a stat of their own.


9. General Changes & Fixes
    General Misc
        - Enabled Teleportation on kh_dun01
        - Added 500 Point Reward Cap on whack a mole
        - Removed First time restriction on Endless tower, players can now go straight to Naght Sieger after talking to Lucid Crystal on the 100th Floor even for first time clearer.
    Item Misc
        - Change Item name of '6th Monthsary coin' to 'Monster Hunter Coin'.
        - Change Item name of '5th Monthsary coin' to 'Bring me Event Coin'.
        - Disabled Item 'Convex Mirror' Due to MVP Ladder & Rewards Changes.
        - All Demi-human enchants are now working properly on players. (previously only working on monsters).

        - Removed Magic Phantom Bullet on Tool Dealer. Moved to Chrome Quest along with other Elemental Bullets.
        - Added Silvervine Fruit on Donation Shop (It is a bit overpriced because we encourage you to use Gambler Domeng NPC to obtain this item)
        - Added Bloody Card Album on Donation Shop (We just put it here, dont buy this it is overpriced hehehe)

        ~ Old Glast Heim Instance
            - Added & Fixed the treasure room rewards in Old Glast Heim.

        ~ Geffen Magic Tournament
            - Drastically reduced talking/dialouge time inside the instance.
        ~ Whack a mole
            - Added 500 Point cap
    Skill Requirements
        - Removed Elemental Stone Requirements on Ninja skills when using Mistress Card or if the user is on VIP Status.
    PvP NPC

        - Removed PVP Global Ranking NPC
    Drop Rate Changes
        - Mavka Card, Lower Drop Rate
        - Headless Mule Card, Lower Drop Rate
        - Wakwak Card, Lower Drop Rate
        - Menblatt Card, lower drop rate
        - Petal Card, lower drop rate
        - Cenere Card, lower drop rate
        - Antique Book Card, lower drop rate
        - Lichtern Blue Card, lower drop rate
        - Lichtern Yellow Card, lower drop rate
        - Lichtern Red Card, lower drop rate
        - Lichtern Green Card, lower drop rate
        - Faithful Manager Card, lower drop rate
    Quest Changes
        - Reduced Dragon Set Quest Requirement on Brok & Sindri Shop.
    Automated Events
        ~ Cluckers Event
            - Made cluckers easier to win.
            - Increased Rewards to 200 Event Ticket.
10. MVP System & MVP Ladder Rewards Changes
    ~ New MVP Ladder Rewards!
11. Changed how PVP Announcement Works
    - Added new channel #pvp_notif
    - All PVP Announcements will be on #pvp_notif channel
    - Upon loging in / creating a new character, it is automatically joined on this channel
    - To leave the channel just type '@channel leave #pvp_notif' , without the ' ' . and you will stop receiving PVP Notifications anymore.
    - To Receive PVP notifications again just relog.
12. Hosting & Server General Improvements
    ~Renewed Hosting Contract for +1 Year
    ~Added New Canada Proxy server
    ~Improved Functionality of Website
    ~Added Vote for Points on Website


Thank you for the long wait everyone! This is only Part 1 of our Expansion Update, Please Report and Bugs you will find as it will help us improve the server faster :)

Estimated Date
Part 2: September 15, 2021
Part 3: September 25, 2021


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