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Update June 22, 2021 (It's because i love all of you)


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Hello Everyone this is a mini update along with the scheduled server maintenance, it's not much but we will have much much more on July, Because on July we will have a world expansion update!


1. Added New Chrome Quest
    ~Superior Alligator Card
        Receive 10% less damage from Long Ranged Physical Attack.
        Class: Card
        Compound on: Accessory
        Weight: 1

2. Modified the following Skills for Balancing.
    High Priest:
        ~Magnus Exorcismus
            - Skill now have a limit of 2 active instance per user. (it means you cannot cast magnus again until the first one expires)
            - Increased Damage interval from 200ms per tick to 250ms per tick.
            - Increased Duration from 5 seconds to 8 seconds.
        ~Arrow Shower
            - Increased Damage by 100%
            - Enabled Critical
        ~Freezing Trap
            - New damage formula (SkillLevel * INT)%attack = TrapDamage
        ~Claymore Trap
            - New damage formula (SkillLevel * INT)%attack = TrapDamage
        ~Blastmine Trap
            - New damage formula (SkillLevel * INT)%attack = TrapDamage
        ~Ankle Snare
            - Added 12 Trap limit per user.
        ~Trap unit
            - Trap HP Set to 30,000 HP
        ~Gatling Fever
            - Increased Damage buff at level 10, From +1100 ATK to +1600 ATK.

        ~Heavens Drive can now damage Traps.
        ~Enabled Arrow Shower using Muscial Weapon or Whip.
        ~Arrow Vulcan
            - Delay can now be reduced by Poem of Bragi (magic strings)
        ~Defending Aura(Defender)
            - No longer Requires Shield
            - Increase effectiveness of defending aura up to 90% Reduction at level 10.
3. Modified the following Items for Balancing.
    Large Orc Hero Helm:
        ~Modified Effect:
            A true Orc Hero's headgear. It's so big and heavy that it might hurt your neck.
            Reduce damage from Demihuman monster 10%.
            Prevents Stun status.
            Grants Level 5 Auto Guard skill
            +>Grants Level 1 Defender skill
            Class: Headgear
            Defense: 5
            Position: Upper
            Weight: 90
            Jobs: All

    Warrior Lola Card:
        ~Modified Effect:
            ATK +30
            Hit +10
            For each refine level:
            ATK +10
            Hit +2
            Type: Card
            Compound on: Weapon
            Weight: 1

4. Shop Changes & Additions

    ~5th Monthsary Event NPC    
        - Change Prices of all goods
        - Removed Hode hat on the Shop
    ~6th Monthsary Event NPC
        - Added item "Bloody Card Album" on the Shop.

5. That A.S.S
    ~Tier B
        - Added item "Bloody Card Album" with 20% drop chance.
    ~Tier A
        - Added item "Bloody Card Album" with 100% drop chance.

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