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Update January 18, 2021


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General Changes

1. Reverted Fallen Bishop Card(ITEMID#4441) to its Original Effect.
2. Modified Diabolus Set Drop rate from 1% to 10% for loot balancing.

3. Added Diabolus Ring(ITEMID#2729) custom drop on MVP Wounded Morocc(ID#1917)

4. Added Custom Drop to MVP Valkyrie Randgris(ID#1751)
    List of items:
        These items have a 10% Drop rate.
        Valkyrie Armor(ITEMID#2357)
        Valkyrie Manteau(ITEMID#2524)
        Valkyrie Shoes(ITEMID#2421)
        Valkyrie Shield(ITEMID#2115)
5. Fixed Description of Soldier Hat(ITEMID#5418)

6. Fixed World Boss MVP Drops.
7. Increased max level of Homunculus from 175 to 255.
8. Temporary Disabled Donation Shop(until donations are open).

9. Fixed YGG ROOM Cooldown, Removed "ROOM CLEANING" Function.

10. Increased Re-use delay of Yggdrasil Berry(ITEMID#607) & Yggdrasil Seed(ITEMID#608) from 1500ms to 4000ms.

11. Increased Delay of White Slim Potion(ITEMID#547) from 100ms to 200ms.
12: Modified Condensed White Potion(ITEMID#547) effect.
    ~Instantly Heal: 5% HP & Additional Heal: 10,000 - 20,000 HP
13. Revamped the effects of all Custom 'Figure Accessories'.
    New Improved Effects:
        Swordsman Figure(ITEMID#2766)
        Str +3
        Vit +3
        Attack +10
        Attack +5%

        Acolyte Figure(ITEMID#2767)
        Str +3
        Vit +3
        Increase Holy Damage by 25%

        Mage Figure(ITEMID#2768)
        Int +5
        Increase damage using Earth, Wind, Fire, Water Magic by 7%

        Archer Figure(ITEMID#2769)
        Dex +5
        Attack + 10
        Long range Damage +7%
        Thief Figure(ITEMID#2770)
        Agi +5
        Perfect Dodge +1
        Aftercast Delay -5%

        Merchant Figure(ITEMID#2771)
        Luk +3
        Int +3
        Critical Damage +3%
        Critical +5

New Content & Feature Additions

14. Added new command @storeinv
    Function: Put everything not equipped into storage.

15. Added Tierra NPC(TIER ENCHANTMENT NPC) Location: veil 90, 105
    -Can Enchant the following Equipments:
        Dragon Armor
        Dragon Manteau
        Dragon Boots
        Diabolus Armor
        Diabolus Robe
        Diabolus Boots
        Diabolus Manteau
        Valkyrie Armor
        Valkyrie Manteau
        Valkyrie Shoes
        Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb
        Flame Manteau of Naght Sieger

    -Can Enchant Equipment up to 3 times, namely Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3

    -Different Tier enchant list & range. per Item Type.
        Ex. Tier 1 ,Type Shoes, Enchant List Shoes, Range 1-5.
            Tier 1 ,Type Garment,Enchant List Garment, Range 1-5.
            Tier 2 ,Type Shoes,Enchant List Shoes, Range 5-10.
            Tier 2 ,Type Garment,Enchant List Garment, Range 5-10.
    -Can Reset Enchantment of equipment:
        To Reset the Enchantment of tier 1 Enchant, you will need 1x [Tier Enchant Reset Artifact]
        To Reset the Enchantment of an item with tier 2 enchant, you will need 2x [Tier Enchant Reset Artifact](ALL ENCHANTMENT WILL VANISH)
        To Reset the Enchantment of an item with tier 3 enchant, you will need 3x [Tier Enchant Reset Artifact](ALL ENCHANTMENT WILL VANISH)
    -Enchantment Cost:
        Tier 1 = Tier 1 Enchantment Artifact
        Tier 2 = Tier 2 Enchantment Artifact
        Tier 3 = Tier 3 Enchantment Artifact
        Note: Enchantments Artifact can be made from "Artifact Maker NPC" (veil 91 108)


Body Armor Enchants


Garment Enchants


Shoes Enchants



16. Added 'Artifact Maker NPC' , Location: veil 91, 108
    Description: Makes artifact for Tier Enchantment / Crafting. all artifacts can be made here.
    List of artifacts:
    Tier 1 Enchantment Artifact
    Tier 2 Enchantment Artifact
    Tier 3 Enchantment Artifact
    Tier Enchant Reset Artifact - Resets the Enchantment of an equipment.

    Note: All requirements on this quest npc are only obtainable through monster drops & Bossnia Point SHOP



17. Added item "Corrupted Mineral(ITEMID#50010)" on Bossnia Point SHOP.
    Note: This item is an Artifact Crafting Material.

18. Added 'Re-Roll Tier Enchant NPC', Location: veil 85, 99
    Description: Can Reroll the stats of ANY Tier Enchantment, player will need 1 similar item as sacrifice.
19. Added New World Boss Drops
    Added 2pc "Tier 1 Enchantment Artifact" as MVP Drop on World Boss.
    Added 1pc "Tier Enchant Reset Artifact" as MVP Drop on World Boss.

    Added 1pc "Tier 1 Enchantment Artifact" as Participation Reward on World Boss.
20. Increased World Boss Counter to 100k Monster Kills.

21. Enabled World Boss Counter for "MVP Kills"(Bloody Branch Summon) inside cell_game map.
        -All MVP Kills Inside cell_game map are now counted on World Boss Counter.

22. Added 1pc "Tier 2 Enchantment Artifact" as MVP Drop on Naght Sieger(ID#1956)
23. Added 'Godly Refiner NPC', , Location: veil 80, 157
    Description: Can refine items straight to Safe Refine Limit, Normal, Or Multiple Times.

24. Added "MVP Shop" NPC, Located: veil 149, 108
    For now it only sells costumes:

    Upper - 7th GOD's Helm - ITEMID#40087
    Lower - 7th GOD's Scarf - ITEMID#40088    
    Lower - FBH Ghost - ITEMID#45130
    Mid - Quas Wex Exort - ITEMID#3680
    Mid - Spell Barier - ITEMID#40039
    Upper - Anon Hat -  ITEMID#8754
    Mid - Cap Series 20 - ITEMID#40043
    Upper - Golden Valkyrie Ears - ITEMID#8472
    Lower - Sage Robe - ITEMID#40077
    Upper - Angelic Hunters Cap - ITEMID#8547
    Upper - Bapho Hat - ITEMID#8614
    Lower - Black Gangster Scarf - ITEMID#3949
    Lower - Bubble Gum In Mouth - ITEMID#5597

25. Users are now Dispelled when entering PVP Room!


Note: Please Patch your client before playing!

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