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Update May 28, 2021 (Worms, Abyss & Fashion?)


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1. Release of Faceworm Nest Dungeon Instance!
    - Defeat the faceworm queen and obtain rewards!
    - The Faster you clear the dungeon the better the chest rewards!

Faceworm Nest Wikipedia Guide:

Faceworm Snake Skins Item Guide:


2A. Added New Guild Dungeons & its monsters
    Al De Baran:
        - Luina Guild Dungeon F2 (Map: gld_dun02_2)
            Maya[MVP] (1)  Mob-ID#1147
            Maya Purple (3) Mob-ID#1289
            Killer Mantis (30)  Mob-ID#1294
            Angra Mantis (40) Mob-ID#2133    

        - Hall of the Abyss: Tear of Hero (Map: gld2_ald)
            Maya Purple (3)  Mob-ID#1289
            Killer Mantis (60) Mob-ID#1294
            Angra Mantis (70)Mob-ID#2133
            Gioia[MVP] (1) Mob-ID#2251
            Elvira (1) Mob-ID#2252
            Treasure Chest (5)Mob-ID#2288

        - Britoniah Guild Dungeon F2 (Map: gld_dun04_2)
            Dark Lord[MVP] (1)Mob-ID#1272
            Dark Illusion (1)Mob-ID#1302
            Abysmal Dark Shadow / Dark Shadow (45)Mob-ID#2281
            Abysmal Dark Frame / Dark Frame (15)Mob-ID#2282
            Abysmal Dark Priest / Dark Priest (15)Mob-ID#2283

        - Hall of the Abyss : Hill of death (Map: gld2_gef)
            Dark Illusion (1)Mob-ID#1302
            Kades / Dark Guardian Kades[MVP] (1)Mob-ID#2255
            Rudo (1) Mob-ID#2256
            Abysmal Dark Shadow / Dark Shadow (80))Mob-ID#2281
            Abysmal Dark Frame / Dark Frame (20)Mob-ID#2282
            Abysmal Dark Priest / Dark Priest (20)Mob-ID#2283
            Treasure Chest (5) Mob-ID#2288

        - Greenwood Lake Guild Dungeon F2 (Map: gld_dun01_2)
            Eddga[MVP] (1) Mob-ID#1115
            Skeleton General (50)Mob-ID#1290
            Am Mut (15)Mob-ID#1301
            Gajomart (20)Mob-ID#1309

        - Hall of the Abyss : Wind of beginning (Map: gld2_pay)
            Skeleton General (60)Mob-ID#1290
            Am Mut (25)Mob-ID#1301
            Gajomart (30)Mob-ID#1309
            Daehyon / General Daehyun[MVP] (1) Mob-ID#2253
            Soheon / Samurai Soheon (1)Mob-ID#2254
            Treasure Chest (5)Mob-ID#2288

        - Valkyrie Guild Dungeon F2 (Map: gld_dun03_2)
            Kobold Leader (1)Mob-ID#1296
            Atroce[MVP] (1)Mob-ID#1785
            Abysmal Kobold / Dark Axe Kobold (13)ID#2284
            Abysmal Kobold / Dark Hammer Kobold (23)Mob-ID#2285
            Abysmal Kobold / Dark Mace Kobold (23)Mob-ID#2286
            Abysmal / Dark Kobold Archer (23)Mob-ID#2287

        - Hall of the Abyss : Warrior road (Map: gld2_prt)
            Pyuriel / Angry Student Pyuriel[MVP] (1)Mob-ID#2249
            Lora / Warrior Laura (1)Mob-ID#2250
            Abysmal Kobold / Dark Axe Kobold (25)Mob-ID#2284
            Abysmal Kobold / Dark Hammer Kobold (35)Mob-ID#2286
            Abysmal Kobold / Dark Mace Kobold (35)Mob-ID#2287
            Abysmal / Dark Kobold Archer (35) Mob-ID#2287
            Treasure Chest (5)Mob-ID#2288

2B. Modified some official item drops of the New Guild Dungeons monsters.

    Gioia[MVP] (Mob-ID#2251):
        ~Modified Card Effect
            - Gioia Card (Item-ID#4576), 1% Drop Chance
                Increases Ghost elemental magic damage by 100%.
                Increases Wind elemental magic damage by 30%.
                Decreases resistance to all elemental attacks by 30%.
                Type: Card
                Compound on: Garment
                Weight: 1

    Kades / Dark Guardian Kades[MVP] (Mob-ID#2255):
        ~Card Drop Rate
            - Dark Guardian Kades Card (Item-ID#4580), 1% Drop Chance
    Daehyon / General Daehyun[MVP] (Mob-ID#2253):
        ~Card Drop Rate
            - General Daehyun Card (Item-ID#4574), 1% Drop Chance
    Pyuriel / Angry Student Pyuriel[MVP] (Mob-ID#2249):
        ~Card Drop Rate
            - Angry Student Pyuriel Card (Item-ID#4578), 1% Drop Chance
    Rudo (Mob-ID#2256):
        ~Card Drop Rate
            - Rudo Card (Item-ID#4581), 1% Drop Chance
    Elvira (Mob-ID#2252):
        ~Card Drop Rate
            - Elvira Card (Item-ID#4577), 1% Drop Chance
    Soheon / Samurai Soheon (Mob-ID#2254):
        ~Modified Card Effect
            - Soheon Card (Item-ID#4575), 1% Drop Chance
                ATK +25
                When compounded on Dagger class weapon:
                Refine Level >= 7:
                ASPD +1
                Refine Level >= 9:
                ASPD +1
                Type: Card
                Compound on: Weapon
                Weight: 1

    Lora / Warrior Laura (Mob-ID#2250):
        ~Modified Card Effect
            - Warrior Lola Card (Item-ID#4579), 1% Drop Chance
                ATK +20
                Critical +10
                For each refine level:
                ATK +2
                Critical +1
                Type: Card
                Compound on: Weapon
                Weight: 1

    Treasure Chest (Mob-ID#2288):
        ~Spawn Time
            - Spawns every 245 Minutes
        ~Added Item Drops
            - Blessed Elunium Ore, 10% Drop
            - Blessed Oridecon Ore, 10% Drop
            - 2x Costume Enchant Ticket, 100% Drop
            - Tier Enchant Package A, 10% Drop

3. Added VIP Settings NPC, Location Veil 129 125
    - You can now choose your what buffs you will receive every time you use the Healer Npc.
4. Added New God Items:
    -Asprika(ITEMID#2541) , Tier Enchantable
        A wing made of all lights that exist in the world. It's name means 'Light of the gods'.
        Enables use of the skill Teleport Level 1.
        Adds resistance to Physical attacks in all elements by 30%.
        Can not be destroyed except in upgrade attempts.
        Reflect 5% Melee Damage
        [Refine Bonus]
        Reflect Additional 2% Melee Damage per (Refine Rate)
        Class: Garment
        Defense: 5
        Weight: 40
        Level Requirement: 94
        Jobs: All

5. Modified the following Skills for Balancing.
    Guild Skills:
        ~Emergency Call
            - Skill use Cooldown is now set at 3 Minutes.
            - Relog Cooldown is now set at 3 Minutes. (when the guild master relogs the Ecall will go on a cooldown.)

    High Wizard:
        ~Meteor Storm,
            - Made the skill spammable & stackable even while stationary.
            - Added 200ms Fixed Cooldown on the skill.
            - Max Meteor "Balls" stack is set to 50 from 25.
            - Decreased Damage Buff of Meteor Storm skill by from 100% to 75%
        ~Napalm Vulcan
            - Damage is no longer split between enemies
            - New Skill Formula: matk%(50*Skill level)
    Lord Knight:
        ~Bowling Bash,
            - Disabled Critical on Bowling Bash Skill.
        ~Spiral Pierce,
            - Increase Str Damage bonus effect on the skill.
            - Disabled Critical on Spiral Pierce Skill. (Default)
            - Added 100ms Fixed Cooldown on the skill.
        ~Brandish Spear,
            - Enabled Critical on Brandish Spear Skill.
            - Changes damage type to become long ranged physical damage.
            - Changes damage formula, damage is increased depends on user's Str. New damage formula : ((50 x skill level + Str x 3)/3)%Atk
        ~Throw Tommahawk,
            - Enabled Critical
            - Enabled Critical
        ~Cart Revolution,
            - New Damage Formula, Damage (ATK%) = [(100 + Str x 3) + (100 × Curr_CartWeight ÷ Max_CartWeight)]%
        ~Crazy Uproar
            - Adds 1 second variable casting time.
            - Changes skill mechanism, grants Str + 4 and Atk + 30 to the user and nearby party members.
            - Adds 15 seconds cooldown.
    High Priest:
            - Added MaxHP Rate Bonus on Angelus based on the Caster's VIT, MaxHP Rate formula = (25 + VIT)/25
                Note: this counts 'Total Vit' not base vit.
        ~Rapid Shower,
            - Enabled Critical
        ~Full Buster,
            - Decreased Damage Buff of Full Buster skill by from 80% to 60%
            - Decreased Damage Buff of Spread Shot skill by from 200% to 180%
        ~Grand Cross,
            - Increased Damage by 150%
            - Decreased Damage to yourself when using Grand Cross skill by 1/5, (from 1/2)
            - Decreased HP Cost of casting Grand Cross to 5%, (from 20%)
            - Added 100ms Fixed Cooldown
            - Note: This skill ignores Damage% cards, MATK% works as it increases the magic attack directly
        ~Pressure (Gloria Domini),
            - Modified SP Draining on Target, Higher Skill level = Lower SP Drain.
            - Changes damage type from Fixed damage to Holy property Magical damage. Damage formula : (200 + (220 x skill level))%Matk.
            - Change Hit type to Multi Hit x3
            - No longer Ignores DEF and MDEF.
            - No longer Bypass Devotion.
            - No longer Ignores reduction gears (Cranial, Poo, Immune, etc).
            - No longer Ignores WoE skill damage reduction.
            - No longer Ignores defensive skills like Assumptio, Kyrie Eleison, Shield Reflect, Guard, Parry, Basilica, Pneuma, Safety Wall and Energy Coat
            - Added 100ms Fixed Cooldown

    Assassin Cross:
        ~Soul Destroyer,
            - Can now affected by Enchant Deadly Poison damage buff
            - Critical Enabled (can now be affected by Critical atk% bonuses)
            - Have +10 Critical Rate Bonus
            - Decreased Damage Buff from 50% to 20%
        ~Meteor Assault,
            - Can now affected by Enchant Deadly Poison damage buff
6. Modified the following Items for Balancing.

    Aruna Elixir:
            -Increased HP Healing by from 
    Glare Dragon Banryu:
        ~Modified Effect
            -Increased Weight from 40 to 400.

    Glare Dragon Axe:
        ~Modified Effect
            -Increased Str from 5 to 10.
    Glare Dragon Spear:
        ~Additional Effect
            -Additional Resistance Against demihuman monster 1% per refine rate.
    Dragon Shuriken:
        ~Modified Effect
            -Can now be equipped by Rogue/Stalker
    Khalitzburg Knightage Card:
        ~Modified Effect
            When combined with White Knight Card:
            Reduces physical and magical damage taken from Medium and Large size monsters by 15%. (From 5%)
    Hawk Eyes:
        ~Modified Effect
            Dex +2, Adds 3% to Long Distance Atk
            if refine >= 7
            Additional Dex +1, Adds 2% to Long Distance Atk
            if refine >= 9
            Additional Dex +2, Adds 2% to Long Distance Atk
    Cero Horn & Hollow Mask Combo:
        ~Modified Effect
            - Increased Chance to coma from 0.06% to 0.09%
            - Fixed Curse chance not triggering properly.

8. Changed some element resistance on Elemental Attribute Table Level 1:
    ~Ghost Attack to Neutral Element is now 50% instead of 15%.
7. Moved the location of Freebies & Solo Pack NPC

8. Added new commands for players.

    - @battlestats, this will show you various information about your characters stats like damage modifiers and damage resitances.


    - @resist, this will show you the Elemental & Race resistance of your character.

    - @freebies, this will teleport you near freebies & solo pack npc

9. Shop Changes & Additions
    ~ Added Ghost Coffin taming item on Tool Dealer.
    ~ Added Item 'Anti-Abrasive' on Tool Dealer (Reduce your critical rate by -100%)
    ~ Greatly reduced cost of making Instance Reset Ticket on Instance Shop.
    ~ Added New Items on Donation Shop

        - Gioia[MVP] Card
        - Kades / Dark Guardian Kades[MVP] Card
        - Daehyon / General Daehyun[MVP] Card
        - Pyuriel / Angry Student Pyuriel[MVP] Card        
        - Rudo Card        
        - Elvira Card        
        - Soheon / Samurai Soheon Card        
        - Lora / Warrior Laura Card
    ~ Added New Costumes on MVP Shop
    ~ Added New Quest Item on Chrome Quest

        - Visor Chroma
        Custom Headgear
        Increases Variable Casting Time
        by 100%, and reduces
        SP Recovery by 100%,
        but the wearer's
        attacks will ignore 20%
        the MDEF of Normal Enemy.
        Reduces after cast delay of all skills by 40%.
        [Refine Bonus]
        Ignores 1% MDEF of Normal enemies per refine.
        Source: Chrome Quest
        Class : Headgear
        Location : Mid
        Weight : 0
        Applicable Job : Every Job


10. Reduced Instance Reset Ticket Required for Orc's Memory instance.

11. Client Modifications:
    ~Improved Stability & performance
    ~Removed Case-Sensitivity on Storage Search
    ~Stable Fonts for big screens, for readability.
    ~Removed Fade to black when teleporting or loading same map. (Fast map refresh, no more loading when typing @refresh)
    ~Extended Chatbox (you can now type more characters on the chatbox and pm box)
    ~increased attack display from 6 digits to 10 digits for more than 999,999 damage. 
    ~Enabled Shortcut for all items (you can now put all kind of items on your skill bar shortcut, very useful for quest item tracking)
    ~force disable quake skill effect.

12. Added Dressing Area for Fashiooooooooon
    -You can preview All costumes available on the server on this area.
Note: Currently this feature is in beta, i will add more items here as time goes on.




Server is now Up!
Please Patch your Clients, total patch size is 31MB

I need sleeep


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HOTFIXES. Modified the following Skills for Balancing.
        ~Spread Shot (Spread Attack)
            - Range Reduce from 9 to 5.
            - Modified AOE of Spread attack at Level 10 to match Sniper's Sharpshoot
            - The higher the Skill level the lower the AOE. Lowest AOE 5x5 area, Highest AOE 9x9 area
    Assassin Cross:
        ~Double Attack
            - Enabled Critical on Double Attack

Fixed Faceworm skin Enchant bonuses on refine.

Note: The skill balancing is under observation. it may or not be changed on the upcoming update

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