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Update May 13, 2021 (Ultra Rare Pokemon!)


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New Features

[The Ultimate Pokemon Hunter]

1. Added New Instance 'Old Glast Heim', Location: Location: (glast_01 204 269) or Warp through Instance Manager NPC

    -Complete this instance and Gain 'Coagulated Spells (ITEMID#6608)' from mobs & 'Temporal Crystal(ITEMID#6607) that can be used as a currency.
    -Using Temporal Crystals & Coagulated Spells you can buy Temporal Boots on the NPC's near the instance entrance. (All items sold there is also available on Instance Shop)
    -Players can also Orb Enchant their "Temporal Stat Boots" by talking to 'Hugins Magic Master NPC' (Location: glast_01 212 271)
    -Added This instance on Instance Manager, You can Reset the timer of this instance using 'T2 Instance Reset Ticket'
    Note: This instance have 24 Hour Cooldown per Character.
    Added New items on Instance Shop.
        -Temporal Boots
        -Temporal Str Boots
        -Temporal Agi Boots
        -Temporal Vit Boots
        -Temporal Int Boots
        -Temporal Dex Boots
        -Temporal Luk Boots
        -White Knightage Card
        -Khalitzburg Knightage Card

Wikipedia Guide Here:
Link 1: https://arunafeltz.com/wiki/index.php/Old_Glast_Heim
Link 2: https://arunafeltz.com/wiki/index.php/Temporal_Boots

2. New Item Releases
    Old Glast Heim:


        -Temporal Boots & Temporal Stat Boots
            -Viewable on Instance Shop



        -White Knightage Card
            ATK +15
            Increases physical damage inflicted on Medium and Large size monsters by 20%.
            Type: Card
            Compound on: Weapon
            Weight: 1



        -Khalitzburg Knightage Card
            DEF +20
            Reduces physical and magical damage taken from Medium and Large size monsters by 25%.
            When combined with White Knight Card:
            Reduces physical and magical damage taken from Medium and Large size monsters by 5%.
            Increases physical damage inflicted on Medium and Large size monsters by 5%.
            Type: Card
            Compound on: Shield
            Weight: 1



        -Amdarais Card (Obtainable on Old Glast Heim)
            Increases physical attack by 15%.
            MATK +15%
            Every 4 seconds drain 666 HP and 66 SP.
            Drain 6666 HP and 666 SP as the Armor is unequipped.
            Type: Card
            Compound on: Armor
            Weight: 1



        -Corruption Root Card (Obtainable on Old Glast Heim)
            ATK +20
            Random chance to inflict Stone Curse, Sleep or Curse on all targets within a 5x5 cells when dealing melee physical attacks.
            Type: Card
            Compound on: Weapon
            Weight: 1




        -Alchemy Glove (Obtainable on Old Glast Heim)
            A white glove made especially for fire magic. Gives off a faint burnt smell.
            INT +1
            DEF +1
            MDEF +2
            Increases Fire elemental magic damage by 10%.
            Reduces Water elemental magic damage by 20%.
            Increases damage taken from Water elemental attack by 30%.
            Random chance to autocast Level 5 Fire Ball when dealing physical or magical attack.
            Enchantable: Yes
            Class : Accessory
            Defense : 1
            Weight : 10
            Required Level : 125
            Applicable Job : Every Job



        -Magic Phantom Bullet (Obtainable on Tool Dealer)
            A bullet that is endowed with the power of Ghost.
            Type: Ammo
            Attack: 40
            Weight: 0.2
            Element: Ghost
            Base level 100




        -Bloody Card Album (Obtainable on Ancient Summoning System)
            -Gives MVP cards Including Thanatos & LHZ Cards


3. New Monthsary Event! 'Baelin' The Bring Me NPC

    -Every Hour Baelin will announce his desired item (its mostly normal monster cards), and players can exchange that card into 'Aruna 5th Monthsary Coins' 1:1 Ratio.
    -After the Duration on which Baelin is accepting cards (1 hour limit) , he will go into "Thinking Mode" on the next hour for cooldown.
    -Baelin Activates on Hours 00,02,04,06,08,10,12,14,16,18,20,22 Server Time. (1 Hour Active, 1 Hour Thinking)
    -Limited Edition Rare & Ultra Rare Costume on Baelin's Shop (This costumes will not be buyable after the event!)
4. Top Emperium breaker rankings.
    -1 Point per emperium break
    -All Emperium break is announced.
    -Top Breaker Rewards Manualy Counted and Announced for now.

5. Modified the following Skills for balancing
    ~Claymore Trap
        -Forced Neutral Element
        -Claymore Trap is now a weapon based skill and is affected by damage cards. (you now need more atk + atk% items for this build to work)
        -New Skill Formula, [Skill_lv * ((DEX/2) + (INT) + (LUK/2))] = Trap damage Ratio
    ~Blast Mine
        -Forced Neutral Element
        -Blast Mine is now a weapon based skill and is affected by damage cards. (you now need more atk + atk% items for this build to work)
        -New Skill Formula, [Skill_lv * ((DEX/2) + (INT) + (LUK/2))] = Trap damage Ratio
    ~Bio Canibalize(Summon Flora)
        -Change Race of Summoned Parasite to 'Demi-Human'.
        -Increase attack delay of Summoned Parasite from 100ms to 200ms.
        -Decrease chance of Summoned Parasite to cast skill, from 50% to 25%.
        -Modified Summon's HP Formula (decreased hp), [((MasterHP / 5) *skill_lv)  + BasedLevel * 10] = Summon HP
        -Modified Summon's Attack Formula (decreased damage),  [((INT*20) + (STR*20))*skill_lv + BaseLvL*10]= Attack damage

    ~Musical Strike
        -Enabled Critical Damage
        -Increase Damage by 180%
    Assassin Cross:
    ~Soul Destroyer
        -Enabled Critical Damage
        -Enabled Critical Damage
    ~Meteor Assault
        -Enabled Critical Damage
    Lord Knight:
    ~Bowling Bash
         -Enabled Critical Damage
    Ninja: (Fixed Damage adjustment that did not took effect)
        ~Raging Fire Dragon increase damage by 100%
        ~Crimson Fire Formation increase damage by 50%
        ~Crimson Fire Petal increase damage by 50%
        ~Spear of Ice increase damage by 50%
        ~Ice Meteor increase damage by 50%
        ~Wind Blade increase damage by 50%
        ~Lightning Strike of Destruction increase damage by 50%
        ~Kamaitachi increase damage by 50%
6. Modified the following items for Balancing.
    ~Dragon Helm
        -Decrease Stat Requirements from 255 to 250.
    ~Dragon Ring
        -Decrease Stat Requirements from 255 to 250.
    ~Bubble Gum in Mouth(ITEMID#5597)
        -Corrected Effect to match client side.
    ~Glare Dragon Spear(ITEMID#3532)
        -Additional 10% HP
        -Increase 2% Sacrifice per refine Refine Rate (from 1%).
    ~Geffen Magic Reflector
        -Reduced Defense from 50 to 10.
    ~Ifrit Card (buffed)
        -ATK, CRI, HIT is increased depending on the wearer's [Job level/4]. (From Job level/10)
7. Artifact Maker now has 100% Chance to make Tier Enchant Artifacts.

8. Added Anti Cheat on Whack-a-Mole Mini Game.

9. Increased Mob Density on map nif_fild01.

10. Modified Level 1 Elemental Property table for Ghost & Neutral Element.

    -Ghost Element now has natural neutral resist of 85% instead of 75%.
    -Neutral Element now has natural ghost resist of 85% instead of 75%.

    Note: This change is made for Ghost Ring Card to be a viable counter on neutral property skills.

11. Added New Player Commands:
    -@instance: enable player to warp in front of instance manager.

12. Donation Shop Changes & Additions
    -Reduce cost of Blacksmith Blessing Pack (100), from 9000 CP to 8600 CP.
    -Added Full Chemical Protection Scroll on Misc Section.
13. Added Additional Rewards on Ancient Summoning System.

    -Added 25% chance "Bloody Card Album" Reward on Tier B
    -Added 100% chance "Bloody Card Album" Reward on Tier A

14. New Quest Shop 'Chrome Quest' Location: Veil 90 123
 P.S Cero Horn is Slotted [1]

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