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Midweek Update plans


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Hello guys just want to announce beforehand some of changes to be made for the update tomorrow.
this changes are announced early so players can have time to adjust before the update.


1. Whack a mole will have its reward changed to every 3 days, and only top 50 will get the rewards


2. Ring of Resonance + Ring of flame lord combo will have a little nerf on its Asura Skill Chance.

3. Ancient Summoning System MVP's AI and Skills will have a revamp. the Rewards will also have a revamp. in line to this change the Deadline for the "ASS First Clear Event" will be April 21,2021 | 10:00AM GMT+8.

4. Most of the update tomorrow will be balancing changes and bug fixes.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post :)

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