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Update April 15, 2020 (That A.S.S)


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New Content and Features!


1. Ancient Summoning System (A.K.A ASS) [LOCATION: type @ass ]

The Ancient Summoning System is a system where players turn cards into points called "Cedi". Those points are used to summon strong boss monsters. Players can fight these monsters in the hope to finish the quest and obtain powerful equips and other items. There are Three (3) main NPCs that are used for this system.

The first one is Cedi. Cedi is the one that takes your cards and turns them into Cedi points after that you can also transfer your Cedi points into nectar/amrita that is used to spawn the boss monsters.

 A list of cards and their corresponding Cedi Point value is located below:

Below are the table for creating Nectar/Amrita use for summoning Ancient MVP Monsters.fcn5n1E.png
Note: You can get bio samples by defeating Ancient MVP Monsters (sample varies depends on the tier of the MVP)

The second one is Sarah.(not yet implemented) She is a collector of cards. She requests help to finish her collection, so every two (2) hours, she will select a random card and ask that you bring her some. The card Sarah asks for are all normal monster cards. Sarah will change the card that she is looking for every two (2) hours, so check back often if you don't have the card he is currently looking for. The maximum amount of Cedi Points that she can give you in 1 day is 5,000.


The Third one is The Ancient Tapestry. it is an Ancient Tapestry that has gained wisdom over time. It is the one that will help you to enter the top of ASS Tower where the 'Ancient Summoning System' is located. Once you are at the tower Talk to the Ancient Tapestry Inside to summon an ancient monster by offering Nectars/Amrita.

Ancient Tapestry
Ancient tapestry Top of Tower

Summoning on top of the tower (the poring is just an example lol)

After killing the Ancient MVP the Party leader can claim the rewards inside the treasure chest
Note: Only the Party Leader can claim the rewards because he/she is the one who is expending his Nectar/Amrita to summon.

List of Rewards below(This list can be changed on updates):

List of Ancient MVP's

    ~All C Class monsters and UP will cast reflect all damage every 50 seconds when their HP is below 10%, duration 10 seconds so watch out
    ~Please take note that this is an Alpha Version of this feature, We will add more Functions and Rewards on it as we update the server. 


2. Costume Enchant System New Added Features

    ~Added New Feature [Costume Enchant Transfer], NPC Location: veil 94 103
(old footage from the alpha version)

        -Allow Players to Transfer Their Costume Enchants from one costume to another.
        -Players need 1x Costume Transfer Enchant Ticket to use this feature.
        -Only Same Location Costume can transfer enchants to each other, Ex. Different Item Costume but the same location of being TOP Costume.

    Note: You can obtain Costume Enchant Transfer Ticket from [Donation Shop] or [Ancient Summoning System] rewards.
    ~Added New Feature [Costume Enchant Reroll], NPC Location: veil 88 98
        -Allow Players to Re-Roll their desired Costume Enchant Slot by sacrificing the same costume item.
        -It uses the same mechanics as "Re-roll Tier Enchant NPC".


3. Added New Map & Settings for Gold Room! (There are now TWO Gold Room with different settings).

    -Gold Room Map A [Teleport Enable | PVP ON | SKILL ON | Guardian ON] ~ Best for Manual Farming
    -Gold Room Map B [Teleport OFF | PVP OFF | SKILL OFF | Guardian OFF] ~ Best for Autoattack


4. Added New Items in Donation Shop:
    -Costume Enchant Transfer Ticket
5. Temporary Disabled Glare Dragon Staff Sprite Effect on High Wizard due to Sprite Error on Android Users.
6. Included Star Gladiator [Demon] Skill when doing @allskill command.
    -also Removed Blind Sprite/Effect on Client.
7. Changed [Other Domain] Ranking Reward Mechanics v3:
    -All Top 1 Character per Job who cleared atleast until Round 20 can receive the Top 1 bonus weekly reward. (50 Credits)
    -All Top 100 Characters Overall who cleared atleast until Round 20 can receive the weekly rewards. (Depends on your Points)

    Note: This will take effect on next ranking season April 22, 2021. All characters on the rankings right now can get their rewards tomorrow automatically.

8. Increase Waiting Time & Player Capacity of Hell Dungeon.

9. Re-activated the "Whack-a-mole" Feature.
    Note: We need to observe this one as it might cause server crash again LOL.


Dont forget to Patch your Clients before Playing!

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