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Update April 5, 2020 (Pasensya kana ha, Godbless)


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New Contents & Features!

1. Added Blessed Ore Refiner
    -This Blacksmith uses 'Blessed Oridecon Ore(ITEMID#6438)' & 'Blessed Elunium Ore(ITEMID#6439)' as Catalyst for refine.
    -Failed Refines on this Refiner will not break the items & it will stay as it is.
        ~Blessed Ores can be obtained through Crafting Ores using "Blessed Furnace".

2. Added "Blessed Furnace" Crafting.
    -Requires Whitesmith with skill 'Enchanted Stone Craft'.
    -Can be used to Craft/Create Blessed Ores.
    *Blessed Elunium
        Materials Needed:
            2x Enriched Elunium (ITEMID#7619)
            1x Turquoise (ITEMID#7294)
            1x Mythril ARO Coin (ITEMID#36069)
    *Blessed Oridecon
        Materials Needed:
            2x Enriched Oridecon (ITEMID#7620)
            1x Agate (ITEMID#7291)
            1x Mythril ARO Coin (ITEMID#36069)
        ~Success Chance is based on [(Dex*10 + Luk*10)+1000+(Enchanted Stone Craft Skill Lvl)*100]/10000
        ~You need all materials in your inventory to start crafting.

3. Added Blessed Blacksmith (Blacksmith Blessing Refiner)
    -This Blacksmith uses 'Blacksmith Blessing(ITEMID#6635)' as Catalyst for refine.
    -Failed Refines on this Refiner will not break the items & it will stay as it is.
        ~Blacksmith Blessing can be obtained through Donation Shop.

4. Added Blacksmith Blessing & Blacksmith Blessing Packages on Donation Shop.

5. Added New Mini-Game Instance 'Whack-a-mole', NPC Location: veil 76 90

        After entering the map you will have 10 seconds to prepare, then the moles will start to appear, to hit them with the sledgehammer you just have to click on them.
        With each mole that hits you get points, the moles will appear faster and faster,
        if you fail to complete the minimum hit required per cycle it will count as Fail Point,
        at some point a hunting dog will appear and if you hit it will also count as Fail points, you will have 3 chances
        The final score will not be cumulative, whenever you exceed your current rank limit it will be updated but never sum up!
        The awards are made daily (everyday at 12:02am), the Whack-A-Moles score will be sent to mail as Play Aruna Coins.
        These Coins will serve for you to buy exclusive items from the store by accessing it through the selection menu.

    -Added Event Ticket on 'Whack-a-mole' Shop.
    -Added Aruna Elixir Box on 'Whack-a-mole' Shop.
    -Added Full Chemical Protection Scroll on 'Whack-a-mole' Shop.
6. Added New player Command '@autoattack',
    -This command enables the player to auto-attack monsters within range & auto search monsters within the map.
    -it also has a auto-teleport function when searching for monsters. as long as you have the item 'Fly Wing(ITEMID#601) in your inventory.
    -We reduced the weight of FLY WING to 0.1 for easy carry.
    -This Feature is still in its BETA Phase, please report all bugs you find.
    -Do not use autoattack in town when you have fly wing in your inventory. you will teleport endlessly until you deactivate your autoattack or logout.

7. Added new player command "@magnum"
    -When Enabled, Disallow auto cast of magnum break from [Turtle General Card].
    -When Disabled, Allow auto cast of magnum break from [Turtle General Card].


8. Increase Spawn of the following monsters on selected maps:
    -Baphomet Jr.(prt_maze03)
    -Abysmal Knight(gefenia02)
    -Mini Demon(gefenia02)
    -Teddy Bear(ein_dun02)
9. Added New Player Command '@autoloottype'.
    How to use:
    @autoloottype <+/- type name/ID>
    @autoloottype reset

    Starts or stops autolooting a specified item type.
    Type List: healing = 0, usable = 2, etc = 3, weapon = 4, armor = 5, card = 6, petegg = 7, petarmor = 8, ammo = 10
    Typing "reset" will clear the autoloot item list.

    Example you want to loot cards only:
    @autoloottype +6
10. Deactivated "I Love ArunafeltzRO" Special Effect.
    Note: This will have a new special effect in the future when the time comes. dont throw it away :)

11. Added New Costume Items on the following Shops:
    Donation Shop:
    MVP Shop:


General Changes, Additions & Balancing

12. Increase effect of the following items:
    -Glare Dragon Banryu Spear,
        -Increase strength from 10 to 15.
        -Increase Bowling Bash by 2% per refine.(from 1%)

13. New Reduced Prices for the following items:
    -Costume Enchant Ticket(Event Shop) - 50 Event Tickets
    -Corrupted Mineral - 25 Event Tickets
    -Gym Pass(Event Shop) - 50 Event Tickets
    -Costume Enchant Ticket - 50 Bossnia points
    -Corrupted Mineral - 30 Bossnia points

14. Changed [Other Domain] Treasure Chest Opening Fee from '3rd Monthsary Coin' to 'Hourly Coin'.
15. Modified the following skills for balancing.
    ~Raging Fire Dragon increase damage by 100%
    ~Crimson Fire Formation increase damage by 50%
    ~Crimson Fire Petal increase damage by 50%
    ~Spear of Ice increase damage by 50%
    ~Ice Meteor increase damage by 50%
    ~Wind Blade increase damage by 50%
    ~Lightning Strike of Destruction increase damage by 50%
    ~Kamaitachi increase damage by 50%
16. Modified the following items for balancing.

    Modified effect of Dragon Gatling Gun(ITEMID#50108)
    -Reduced VIT Required for ~Gatling Gun Attack +400% effect, now you only need 250 VIT instead of 255.
    Added new effect to Mjolnir (ITEMID#50108)
    -   Indestructible except in upgrade attemps.
        If worn by Creator job
        Increase 2% Acid demonstration damage per refine rate.
        Increase 1% Potion Pitcher  per refine rate.
        Additional 10% HP

17. Added Aegir Set on WOE Shop.    
18. Increased WOE SE Barricade HP (MID#1905 & 1906)
    -HP Increase(30M)
    Note: This change will be under observation and tentative for now.

19. Increased WOE SE Sword Guardian stats:
    -HP Increase (15M)
    -Attack Increase (20k)
20. Changed [Other Domain] Ranking Reward Mechanics:
    -All Top 1 Character per Job who cleared atleast until Round 20 can receive the Top 1 bonus weekly reward. (50 Credits)
    -All Characters per Job who cleared atleast until Round 20 can receive the weekly rewards. (Depends on your Points)

21. Improved Emperium Breaker Test Script (its no longer a shared map).

22. Added New Chat Channels, to join these channels use the command @join <#channel_name> ex. @join #trade , to chat on a certain channel put #<channel_name> on your whisperbox.
    -Global Channel(#global),
        For Global Chat serverwide. All players are automatically on this channel, 
        you can leave the channel by using the command @channel leave <#channel_name> ex. @channel leave #global to stop having messages from global channel.
    -Support Channel(#support),
        Strictly for asking help on either players on staff. You need to manually join this channel @join #support, 
        you can leave the channel by using the command @channel leave <#channel_name> ex. @channel leave #support to stop having messages from support channel.

    -Trade Channel(#trade), 
        Strictly for buying or selling items. All players are automatically on this channel, 
        you can leave the channel by using the command @channel leave <#channel_name> ex. @channel leave #trade to stop having messages from trade channel.

    Note: In the future we will change all NPC Annnouncements to Channel type announcements, so players will have an option to disable certain npc announcements :)

23. Doubled the Duration of VIP Buffs on Healer NPC.

24. Restricted Bloody Branch & Dead Branch summoning on Branch Room & Cell Game(cell_game) maps.
    -Modified Branch Room Summoning. you need to click the NPC inside to summon monsters.
    -Added Healer NPC Inside Branch Room.

25. Added Shield Enchants on Tier Enchanter.

26. Enabled Enchanting of GOD Item Sleipnir on Tier Enchanter.

27. Modified the contents and Cost of the following Donation Packages.

    ~Decreased Cost of 'Tier Enchant Package'

   ~Aruna Pack C Additional
   +Thanatos Card

    ~Additional Item included on killer bundle
    +Dragon Set Box x2
    +Dragon weapon set x2
    +Tier Enchant Package x30
    +Costume enchant x30

Note: Those who bought the packages before the patch will have the additional items given by Admin/Dev.



This Update is Part 1 of 2 Content Updates. 2nd Update Coming this Wednesday :)

Dont forget to Patch your Clients before Playing!

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