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Update March 21, 2020 (Domains & Fashionz)


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New Contents & Additions

1. Added New Instance Dungeon 'The Other Domain', Location veil 79 89

    Gameplay Mechanics:
    -The aim for this dungeon is to clear as many rounds as possible as fast as possible by eliminating monsters within 20 minutes!
    -On Stages 11,21,26,36,41,50. The dungeon will summon a Treasure Chest that you can only open after paying 10x 3rd Monthsary Coin.
        The rewards & chance are in the image below:
        Note: Yes by opening the treasure chest you have chance to obtain CREDIT VOUCHERS!
              The Higher the round of the chest spawn the higher the chance to obtain credit vouchers!

    -All Class have rankings depending on how fast they clear the rounds inside the instance.
    -Point Ranking System up to millisecond difference, Very Accurate! Every millisecond Counts!
    -Automatic Weekly rank Rewards System!, you will automatically get your rank rewards every Friday 00:01AM.
    -The weekly rewards system gives you 'Otherwordly Coin(ITEMID#50136)' which can be used as a currency on The Other Domain NPC Shop.
    -Only Transcendent Classes + Gunslinger, Ninja, Soul Linker & Star Gladiator are able to enter this dungeon.
    Other domain Ranking Reward mechanics:
        -All Top 1 Character per Job who cleared atleast until Round 20 can receive the Top 1 bonus weekly reward. (50 Credits)
        -Top Characters per Job who cleared atleast until Round 20 can receive the weekly rewards. (Depends on your Points)
    Note: We suggest players bring lots of Token of Siegfried with them when entering this dungeon.
        This dungeon is still experimental currently there are 51 rounds and we plan to increase the rounds and time limit in the future :)

2. Added Exclusive Token-Tier Costume on "The Other Domain NPC Shop".

3. Added New Party Dungeon "Hell Dungeon", Location veil 148 217

    Gameplay Mechanics:
    -This Dungeon Opens every 12:00AM & 12:00PM GMT+8
    -Once the Dungeon Opens the access to the dungeon will be open for 2 minutes, after it closes you cant enter/re-enter it anymore.
    -If you die inside you cannot go back, & if all players die inside the dungeon will shutdown itself and will need to wait on schedule to be open again.
    -The aim for this dungeon is to clear 4 waves/stages of monsters in which you need to enter the portal after each wave or else it will close after 30 seconds.
    -All MVP's killed in this dungeon will give 1Hell Dungeon Point & its natural loots.
    -After Completing this dungeon you will get 50 MVP Coins when talking to the EXIT NPC.
    -You can spend your Hell Dungeon points on Brent.
4. Added New NPC & Quest to Access 3rd Job Alternative Sprites, Location veil 133 129

    -He will ask you to kill Naght Sieger within 3 hours. after you completed his quest you can switch the 3rd Job Sprites of your character.
    Note: You need to equip your corresponding 3rd job suit when talking to him.
            The Quest is character bound.


5. New Donation Weapons! & Costumes!

    -Glare Dragon Bow
    -Glare Dragon Claw
    -Glare Dragon Hammer
    -Glare Dragon Katar
    -Glare Dragon Spear
    -Glare Dragon Staff
    -Glare Dragon Banryu Spear
    -Glare Dragon Axe


6. Upgraded the Contents of the following Donation Item Packages.
    -Weapon Refine Package A, now has +7 Weapon Refine Ticket instead of +6
    -Armor Refine Package A, now has +7 Armor Refine Ticket instead of +6
    Note: To players who bought this. we will upgrade your +6 weapon/armor of choice to +7.
7. Added New Costumes on MVP Shop!


8. Disabled item announcements of Gacha Boxes to reduce spam in chat.
9. Item Dragon Gatling Gun is now back & usable again.

10. Added "Gym Pass" to Event Shop.

11. Changed Coordinates of KOE Owner Spawn point.

12. Fixed Punching Bag NPC, now it wont double spawn & wont cause lag.

13. Fixed Cart Termination not ignoring autoguard/cicada.

14. Added 200ms Fixed Cooldown to the skill "Slim Potion Pitcher".
    Note: This change is made to reduce the lag causing by massive spams of slim potion pitcher.
          We will be observing this skill and if this solution is not an effective one we will find another,
          and its also possible that this change will be reverted back to its original behavior 

15. Removed @die/@kill casting time on non pvp/gvg areas.

16. Added Combo Set Effect to GOD Item 'Sleipnir'.
    New Item Effect:
    Named after Odin's trusty steed, these shoes also mimic Sleipnir's powers.
    Unbreakable except in upgrade attempts
    Maximum HP and Maximum SP+ 30%
    Movement Speed 75%
    Mdef +10
    [Mage, Archer, Acolyte, Taekwon or Ninja Class]
    Max HP + 30%
    [Swordman, Merchant, Thief Class, Taekwon or Gunslinger Class]
    Max SP + 30%
    [+ Aegir Armor & Aegir Cloak & Sleipnir Set]
    Decrease damage from Demi Human monsters by 10%.
    [+ Dragon Armor & Dragon Manteau & Sleipnir Set]
    All Stats +5
    Decreases all incoming magic damage by 5%.
    Increase damage by 5%
    Source: WOE Shop
    Class: Footgear
    Defense: 5
    Weight: 350
    Level Requirement: 1
    Jobs: All



END NOTE: FOR THE "OTHER DOMAIN" Monster wave list i will put it here



Patch your clients before playing! <3 


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