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Update March 12, 2021 (3rd Monthsary Update!)


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Happy 3rd Monthsary Everyone!


New Content & Features!

1. New Event NPC!, Located at veil 94 74

    -Create the new "I Love ArunafeltzRO" Costume Headgear to start farming items!.
    -I Love ArunafeltzRO Costume Effect.
        Allstats +2
        Movement Speed +2%
        EVENT EFFECT For the Event Duration.
        Add 15% chance to drop Aruna 3rd Monthsary Egg while killing MVP's (It's 15% now)

        Note: This only applies to Natural Summoned MVP's & Bloody Branch MVP's
    -New Gacha Egg! 'Aruna 3rd Monthsary Egg'

        Open to obtain 50% chance 1x ARO 3rd Monthsary Coin &
        Chance to obtain the one of following items:

        ~ ARO Dyestuff Box
        ~ 3-10 Bubblegum
        ~ 3-10 HE Bubblegum
        ~ Enriched Oridecon Box
        ~ Enriched Elunium Box
        ~ Gym Pass
        ~ Gym Pass box
        ~ Aruna Exilir Box
        ~ MvP Coin
        ~ 5 Hourly Points
        ~ 10 Event Tickets
        ~ 5 T2 Instance Reset
        ~ T1 - T3 Enchant Artifact
        ~ Tier Reset Artifact
        ~ Costume Enchant Ticket
        ~ Dragon Random Weapon Chest
    -New Currency exclusive for this event! 'ARO 3rd Monthsary Coin'

        -Can be used to buy items from the 3rd Monthsary Shop & Other Special things later on.

    What are you waiting for? Kill those MVP's while wearing the 'I Love ArunafeltzRO' Costume to obtain extra rewards!



2. Added an instanced Branch Room NPC(Branch Manager), Location:  veil 104 82

Now, you can only use Deadbranch/Bloody Branch inside Branch Room

3. Modified Solo Pack NPC to Give "EXTRA SOLO PACK A" Contents per Device.

    -You can now claim your free "EXTRA SOLO PACK A" Contents in Solo Pack NPC.
    -Old and new player can claim this freebies.
    -All items are account bound!

    Solo Pack NPC Item list:



     Per Account Items:
        1x Silver Valkyrie Helm
        1x Cyclop's Eye
        1x Orbs of Survival
        1x Silver Valkyrie Armor
        1x Silver Valkyrie Manteau
        1x Silver Valkyrie Shoes
        1x Kiel Staff
        1x Doppelganger Card

      Per Device Additional Freebies:
        ~ Dragon Armor  1 Pc.
        ~ Dragon Manteu 1 Pc.
        ~ Dragon Shoes 1 Pc.
        ~ Dragon Shield  1 Pc
        ~Dragon Axe
        ~Dragon Spear
        ~Dragon Revolver
        ~Dragon Banryu
        ~Dragon Rope
        ~Dragon Guitar
        ~Dragon Dagger
        ~Dragon Claw
        ~Dragon Bow
        ~Dragon Staff
        ~Dragon katar
        ~Dragon Sword
        ~Dragon Book
        ~Dragon Shuriken

        Elixir Potions 1k
        Orc Hero Card x1
        Moonlight Card x1
        Incantation Card x1
        Tao Gunka x1
        GR x 1
        Devi x1
        TG x 4
        mistress Card x1
        Golden Thief Bug Card x1
        Converters 500 Each Element - Fire , Wind , Earth , Water
        1x Doppelganger Card


4. Added New item on Solo Pack NPC,
    Note: Special Item (PVE ONLY)
    ~Kiel Staff
    2 Slot, Reduce After Cast Delay by 50%

5. Changed PVP Map to a more bigger one.
6. Modified the following skills for balancing.
    Lord Knight:
    ~Spiral Pierce increase damage by 90%(from 60%)
    ~Added Throw Tommahawk skill when soul linked
    ~Throw Tommahaw increase damage by 500%

7. @storeinv is now working properly again!.

Upcoming Updates:
~New Instance Dungeon!
~New Equipment Chain Quest!
~New Costumes!
~New Donations!




Patch your clients before playing! ❤️




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