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Update March 8, 2020 (Official WOE Update!)


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New Content & Features!

1. Activated New NPC "WOE Shop", Location: veil 90 122
    Added New items on 'WOE Shop'

      ~ARO Megingjard[1] (ITEMID#2629)
        Str +15
        Mdef +7

      ~ARO Brisingamen[1] (ITEMID#2630)
        Dex, AGI, INT, Vit +5
        Luk +10, Mdef +5

     ~Lord Kahos Horn[1] (ITEMID#5013)
        Str +5
        Int +5
        Vit +10
        Agi +10
        Luk +20
        Mdef +10

    ~Sleipnir[1] (ITEMID#2410)
        Unbreakable except in upgrade attempts
        Maximum HP and Maximum SP+ 30%
        Movement Speed 75%
        Mdef +10
        [Mage, Archer, Acolyte, Taekwon or Ninja Class]
        Max HP + 30%
        [Swordman, Merchant, Thief Class, Taekwon or Gunslinger Class]
        Max SP + 30%

    ~Mjolnir[4] (ITEMID#1530)
        Increases Attack Speed.
        Dex +40
        Str +15


Every WOE, participants will be rewarded by "WOE Chests"
Winners will get more of course.






2. Added New Quest item on Brok & Sindri Quest Shop,
    -Dragon Rifle[4] (ITEMID#50105)
        ~ Reduce cast time of all skills by 10%.
        ~ Increase Tracking Damage by +90%
        ~ Pierces the defense of normal monsters.
        ~ Increase Rifle Attack by 1%*Refine


    -Dragon Shotgun
        ~ Reduce Aftercast delay of all skills by 10%*Refine.
        ~ Has a chance of Stunning & Cursing enemy while using [Spread Attack] & [Full buster] skill.


    -Dragon Gatling Gun
        ~Increase MaxHP by 3%*Refine
        [If base Vit = 255]
        ~Gatling Gun Attack +400%


3. Changed KOE Map.


4. Modified/fixed the following items for balancing,
    -Dragon Axe
        ~ Increase damage cart termination 2% per refine rate. (from 1% to 2%)
    -Dragon Staff
        ~ Increase Heal Power by 300% when user is equipped with White Lady Card(ITEMDID#4372)
    ~Aegir Shoes
        ~ Maximum HP and Maximum SP +25% (from 10%)
        ~ [Mage, Archer, Acolyte, Taekwon or Ninja Class]
            Max HP + 15%.
          [Swordman, Merchant, Thief Class, Taekwon or Gunslinger Class]
            Max SP + 15%.
    ~Dragon Armor
        ~25% Resistance against 'Silence' Status.(from 35%)
        ~25% Resistance against 'Stun' Status.(from 35%)
    ~Fix effect of Dragon Axe, Acid demo bonus damage on refine is now working properly.
    ~Fixed Berzebub Card to its original RMS Effect.
5. Modified the following skills for balancing.
    ~Spread Shot increase damage by 200%
    ~Spread Shot can now Critical (like Sharpshooting)
    ~Full Buster increase damage by 80%
    ~Cart Termination increase damage by 80% (from 50%)
    ~Cart Termination Damage Increase while linked by 50% (from 30%)
    ~Shield Chain Damage Increase while linked by 300% (from 170%)
    ~Shield Charge Damage Increase while linked by 800% (from 150%)
    ~Acid Demonstration Damage Increase while linked by 20% (from NONE)
    High Priest:
    ~Holy Light Damage Increase while linked by 190% (from 150%)
    ~Modified Santuary Heal Formula to (Skill Level x (INT+VIT)).
    ~Increased Interval of Sanctuary Heal, from 1000ms per tick, to 400ms per tick.
    ~Skill Sanctuary now have fixed 10 Seconds duration at any skill level.
    Assassin Cross:
    ~Sonic Blow Damage Increase while linked by 120% (from 100%)
    ~Soul Breaker Increase Damage by 50%
    ~Finger Offensive Increase Damage by 70% (from 30%)s
6. Increased Max HP Cap from 1.2 Million to 2 Million.        

7. Increased effectiveness of the following donation items,
    -Dragon Helm(Upper Headgear)
    -Dragon Cyclops(Middle Headgear)
    -Dragon Sword(Lower Headgear)
8. Added Items on "Event Shop",
    -Enriched Elunium
    -Enriched Oridecon
9. Added 'Lakers Cap' on MVP Shop.

10. Reduced Bossnia points required to buy Green Valkyrie Armor parts.
    -Added Costume Enchant Ticket on Bossnia Shop.

11. Added new item on Donation Shop,
    -True Dragon Package


12. Added "PVP Ladder Statistics" NPC, Location: veil 104 142
    -It gives you a detailed explanation of your Kills, Death, Kill Streak, Highest Kill Streak Time.

13. Removed Casting time of '@storage' & '@gstorage' in non pvp/gvg areas.



// GM's Changelogs

1. Added new Box, Aruna Event Box, Contains: 20 ET,10 Hourly Coins,5 MvP Coins


How to use:
1. Start Event on npc.
2. it will have 1 minute window for players to teleport inside the map, with 10 seconds announcement interval asking the players to teleport using @joingmevent.
3. after the countdown ended. it will say "Teleport Closed, Event will now Start!!"
4. You can now host your Event in peace. 
5. after 1 round of event is ended you need to manually trigger the npc to "End Current Event", then Select "Host an Event" again if you have another round.


Hello Guys now that you reached this part of the changelogs i would like to introuduce to you our newest addition to our Staff,
[GM] Moana

FB LINK: https://www.facebook.com/gm.moana.9/
Discord id: 

Her main role is to manage our advertisements & ingame support, she is also incharge of your new publicity material (like the latest WOE Poster), and soon she will handle some mini events :)




Patch your clients before playing! <3 



Monthsary update coming soon! 

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