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Update March 1, 2020 (WarZone Update!)


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 New Content & Features!


1. New Content! Warzone World, Entrance Location: veil 108 123

WarZone Introduction:


Tired of fighting guys who are ahead of you by items? Want to play with equal items and try out new things for yourself? Warzone is a PvP oriented place where your items are even. inside you can access the "Free for all PVP arena", "Touch Down Battleground", "KVM GVG Battleground".

In WarZone you can try all custom items in game for FREE, you could instantly buy all you need to start fighting! Newbie and veterans are EQUAL.

Additonal Information:

1. You cannot bring items in WarZone outside of its area.
2. You cannot bring other items to the WarZone area be it by Mail, Cart, inventory.
3. WarZone has a special storage separate from the game. you can safely put your warzone items there to share to your other characters that will enter warzone. This storage is only accessible inside WarZone.
4. WarZone is on its initial state, if you found any bugs/exploit report it immediately!
5. By participating on "TouchDown" or "KVM GVG Battleground" , you can acquire WarZone Badge/Points which you can trade to items outside WarZone.(WarZone Shop Still not implemented)

WarZone Restrictions:

1. Before Entering WarZone, the players must put ALL ITEMS in their storage.
2. You can only exit warzone in the warzone exit
3. WarZone has its own isolated 'WarZone Storage', you must put all your items there(or drop it on the ground) if you want to exit warzone.



2. Added Training Area for easy character leveling, Location: veil 111 72
    -Type @train to warp training area npc.

3. Added New Equipment items on Donation Shop,


4. Brewing Potion on 'Potion Brewer NPC' is now easier,
    -No need to confirm every brew, it will continuosly craft potions for you depending on how many is your input batch.

5. Added New Quest item on Brok & Sindri Quest Shop,
    ~Unique Glasses[0] (ITEMID#3732)
        Increases Variable Casting Time by 100%, and reduces SP Recovery by 100%,
        but the wearer's attacks will ignore 20% the MDEF of All Enemy.
        Class : Headgear
        Location : Mid

6. Added item Dragon Shuriken on Sindri Quest Shop
7. Modified the following items to be Equipabble by All Jobs,
    -Ring of Resonance (ITEMID#2679)
    -Ring of Flamelord (ITEMID#2678)
    -Orleans Server (ITEMID#2123)
    -Orleans Gown (ITEMID#2365)
    -Orleans Glove (ITEMID#2701)
8. Changed & improved the Hourly Point System Mechanics.
    -Hourly Coins changed into Hourly Points.
    -Character will gain certain amount of Hourly points per hour.
    -There's a bonus Hourly Points the longer you play.
    -We removed the level requirement for hourly rewards.


    Hourly Point Time Table:

    Note: After you reach 12 hours, it will go back counting from 1 hour.

    And yeah, that's 975 Hourly points(~19 Hourly Coin) total every 12 hours. 

9. Added New items on 'Hourly Reward Shop'.
    -Aruna Elixir Box (ITEMID#50030)
    -Token of Siegfried 5pc Box (ITEMID#13600)
    -Token of Siegfried (ITEMID#7621)
    -Dr Dre Black (ITEMID#3611),MIDDLE COSTUME
    -Dr Dre Blue (ITEMID#3612),MIDDLE COSTUME
    -Dr Dre Pink (ITEMID#3613),MIDDLE COSTUME
    -Razer Headset (ITEMID#3614),MIDDLE COSTUME

10. Added New items on 'Event Shop'.
    -Token of Siegfried 5pc Box (ITEMID#13600)
    -Token of Siegfried (ITEMID#7621)
    -Costume Nymph of Darkness (ITEMID#3875),LOWER COSTUME
    -Costume Nymph of Flower (ITEMID#3875),LOWER COSTUME
    -Costume Nymph of Forest (ITEMID#3875),LOWER COSTUME
    -Costume Nymph of Ice (ITEMID#3875),LOWER COSTUME
    -Costume Nymph of Wind (ITEMID#3875),LOWER COSTUME
11. Added New items on 'MVP Shop'.
    -Costume Unicorn Helm (ITEMID#3777),UPPER COSTUME
    -Costume Rampage Headband (ITEMID#3812),UPPER COSTUME
    -Costume Rabbit Hopping (ITEMID#3811),UPPER COSTUME
    -Costume Dog Officer (ITEMID#3798),UPPER COSTUME

12. Added New items on 'Bossnia Shop'.
    -Costume Enchant Ticket (ITEMID#50005)
13. Price of 'Intance Reset Tickets' from 'Instance Shop' had a significant price decrease.

14. Added Allstat +1 to the Following Costumes,
    -Dark Angelic Hunter Cap
    -Barbo hat
    -Black Gangster Scarf
    -Chewing Gum
15. Modified the following skills for balancing.
    ~Desperado increase damage by 50%
    ~Rapid Shower increase damage by 120%
    Lord Knight:
    ~Bowling Bash increase damage by 30%
    ~Brandish Spear increase damage by 150%
    ~Spiral Pierce increase damage by 60%
    White Smith:
    ~Cart Termination increase damage by 50%
    ~Finger Offensive increase damage by 30%
    High Wizard:
    ~Jupitel Thunder increase damage by 120%
    ~Napalm Vulcan increase damage by 200%
    ~Meteor Storm increase damage by 100%
    Soul Linker:
    ~Esma increase damage by 30%
    ~Shield Chain Damage Increase while linked 170%
    ~Shield Charge Damage Increase while linked 150%
    ~Sharpshooting increase damage by 30%
    Assassin Cross:
    ~Soul Destroyer aftercastdelay reduced from 2800ms to 1000ms
    ~Increased 'Single Strip Bypass FCP While Soul linked' chance from 2% to 5%. (For Reals this time)
        -Fixed the Strip mechanics of Strip after FCP bypass, it now uses the Original Formula for strip chance instead of 100% strip success after FCP Bypass.
        Note: Stalker needs item 'Glistening Coat(ITEMID#7139)' as catalyst for this to work.
        Refer to this link: https://irowiki.org/classic/Divest_Armor
16. Modified the following Dragon Weapons for balancing.
    (+++) = Increased effect / New effect
    (---) = Decreased effect
    Dragon Revolver:
        Dex + 3
        (+++) Reduce Skill Delay of Desperado by -60%
        (+++) Increase 3% Desperado and Rapid Shower damage per refine rate.
        Additional 10% HPrate.
    Dragon Book:
    Atk +10
    Atk +5%
    Critical damage +7%
    (+++)Increase 2% Flying Side Kick damage per refine rate.
17. Fixed homunuculus skills client error. you can now cast homunuculus skills freely without error.
18. Removed Party Share Level Gap.

19. Fixed Vending Bug that prevents the user from buying when they have bound items on inventory.

20. Decreased Re-use delay of Yggdrasil Berry(ITEMID#607) from 2000ms to 1000ms.
    -Decreased Re-use delay of Yggdrasil Seed(ITEMID#608) from 2000ms to 500ms.

21. Adjusted Re-use Cooldown of item Glass of Illusion(ITEMID#14538) from 5 minutes to 1 minute 10 seconds.

22. Added option of making "Aruna Elixir Box(100)" on 'All in one NPC', 'Box Trader' option.

NEXT UPDATE ON BALANCING Target, hp adjustment per job would be included.


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