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Update February 22, 2021 (Content Update)


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New Content & Feature Additions

1. Added New NPC "Instance Manager", Location veil 85 84
        ~Teleport to Instance Dungeon entrance easily
        ~Check Instance Cooldown
        ~Reset Instance Cooldown
        ~Destroy Existing Instance



3. Added New Instance "Geffen Magic Tournament".
    Fight powerful warriors for glory and buy exclusive equipments!
        ~New items!
        ~New Monsters!
   NOTE: For more information visit our wikipedia link: https://arunafeltz.com/wiki/index.php/Geffen_Magic_Tournament


4. Added New Instance "Orcs Memory"
    Time-travel and fight a Depraved Orc Hero! and create his legendary headgear!
        ~New items!
        ~New Monsters!
NOTE: For more information visit our wikipedia link: https://arunafeltz.com/wiki/index.php/Orc_Memory_Dungeon

5. Added 3rd Job Suits!
    -Can be bought using 'Aruna Donation Token' on Donation Shop
    -Can be bought using Geffen Magic Coins on Instance Shop
    Note: All 3rd Job Suits are Account Bound!

6. Added New items on Aruna Donation Shop, Token Section


General Changes

7. Increased 'Single Strip Bypass FCP While Soul linked' chance from 2% to 5%.
    -Fixed the Strip mechanics of Strip after FCP bypass, it now uses the Original Formula for strip chance instead of 100% strip success after FCP Bypass.
    Note: Stalker needs item 'Glistening Coat(ITEMID#7139)' as catalyst for this to work.
    Refer to this link: https://irowiki.org/classic/Divest_Armor

8. Added @allskill command.

9. Added 3 Seconds progressbar when using @die to avoid exploit.

10. Disabled item drop on KOE

11. New Dragon Shuriken Effect: 
    Int + 5, Vit + 3
    Max Hp + 10%
    Increase Matk by 2%
    Additional Increase by +1% Matk Per Refine
    Additional Damage of Final Strike by %1 Per Refine.


Visit our Arunafeltz Wiki for more info! 
Note: its not yet finish but yeah we have a wiki now! yehey!

Remember to patch your clients before playing!

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