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Update February 11, 2021


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General Changes


1. Increased Effect of Aruna Elixir(ITEMID#50015).
    HP HEAL, from 9% HP to 18% HP
    SP HEAL, from 8% SP to 16% SP
    Re-use Delay, From 100ms to 200ms
2. Added New Player Command @hold,
    -When activated, the player wont be able to move.
    -Can activate/deactivate by toggling @hold.

3. Fixed Skill 'Longing of Freedom', it is now usable.

4. Modified Skill 'Mind Breaker',
    New Effect:
    "Description: Induces mental turmoil in an enemy that will reduce its Magic Defense, but will also increases its Magic Attack Power."
    "This skill's level affects its rate of success."
    "Aruna Modified Skill"
    "[Lv 1]: Matk +5% Mdef -11%"
    "[Lv 2]: Matk +10% Mdef -22%"
    "[Lv 3]: Matk +15% Mdef -33%"
    "[Lv 4]: Matk +20% Mdef -44%"
    "[Lv 5]: Matk +25% Mdef -55%"

5. Modified Skill 'Tarot Card of Fate'
    -Tarot no longer dispell FCP Buffs
    -Tarot no longer break items when buffed with FCP.
    -Added 200ms Fixed Cooldown
6. Fixed 'Hunter Soul Link Effect',
    -Sharpshooting has -50% delay when linked.
    -Autocast Falcon Assault on normal attack.
7. Increased 'Single Strip Bypass FCP) chance from 1% to 5%.
    Note: Stalker needs item 'Glistening Coat(ITEMID#7139)' as catalyst for this to work.

8. Modified 'Knight Soul Link Effect',
    New Effect:
    -Allowing to use One-Hand Quicken while linked.
    -Reduce Skill delay of all skills by -30%
    -Increased Speer Boomerang damage by +100%
    -Increased Spiral Pierce daamge by +100%

9. Increase damage of skill 'Bowling Bash' by +30%.

10. Modified Item 'Strong Shield(ITEMID#2125) to be equippable by all jobs.

11. New Armor Addition for Tier Enchant!
    -Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano (ITEMID#2345)
    Note: Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano (ITEMID#2345) is now equippable by all jobs.

12. Added item 'Dead Branch(ITEMID#604)' on Tool Dealer

13. Increased skill 'True Sight' Weapon attack buff damage,
    New Effect:
    "Description: Adds +5 to all Stats, as well as increases attack accuracy, weapon damage and critical attack rate."
    "[Lv 1]:Hit +3%, Damage +7%, Crit +1"
    "[Lv 2]:Hit +6%, Damage +14%, Crit +2"
    "[Lv 3]:Hit +9%, Damage +21%, Crit +3"
    "[Lv 4]:Hit +12%, Damage +28%, Crit +4"
    "[Lv 5]:Hit +15%, Damage +35%, Crit +5"
    "[Lv 6]:Hit +18%, Damage +42%, Crit +6"
    "[Lv 7]:Hit +21%, Damage +49%, Crit +7"
    "[Lv 8]:Hit +24%, Damage +56%, Crit +8"
    "[Lv 9]:Hit +27%, Damage +63%, Crit +9"
    "[Lv 10]:Hit +30%, Damage +70%, Crit +10"

14. Item 'Dragon Staff(ITEMID#3517)' can now be equipped by soul linker.
15. Added Bulk Counteragent & Mixture Creation NPC near Dyestuff maker.



NOTE: Please Patch your client before playing!

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