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Update May 20, 2023 (Battle Order)


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1. General Changes

  • @packetfilter drops bug fixed, it is now working properly (For reals).
  • Battleground Rush & Conquest Fixed.
  • Battleground Happy Hour Rate are now +100% of the rewards.

2. Item Changes


Cold Medicine Reverted to Old Behavior No Delay with 10% Heal. Reduce Weight of individual medicine but higher weight for boxes to avoid immortality and unlimited pots without refilling from storage.

3. WOE Mechanics Changes

    Adjusted Damage Reduction on WOE Areas

4. Skill Changes & Balancing

    Guild Aura effect now includes the Guild Master
    Battle Orders
    - Can now last up to 2 minutes duration. Cooldown 3 Minutes.
    - New Extra Effect: Buff Guild Members on Screen 30% damage reduction that scales with the number of guild members you have on the map.
        Example: If you have 10 Members on the map then you will only have 20% Damage Reduction instead of 30%.

    - Must have atleast 5 Members on same map to activate the Damage Reduction buff.
    - Can be used easily by the Guild leader by using "@guildskill bo" command.
      This New Extra effect have been implemented to help small guilds battle with the larger guilds.

    [Lord Knight]

    Spear Boomerang
    Spiral Pierce
    Brandish Spear
    - Reduced Damage Bonus by 10%
    Slim Potion pitcher
    - Adjusted Fixed Cooldown from 200ms to 50ms
    Acid Demonstration
    - Increased Damage by +30%
    [Assassin Cross]
    Cross Impact
    - Modified Damage formula by 1250 + 150 * skill_lv = SkillDamage%

    Meteor Assault
    - Modified Damage formula by 180 * skill_lv = SkillDamage%
    - Skill Can Critical
    - Increase Damage by 5%
    Magic Skills
    - Increase Damage by 5%

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