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Update May 17, 2023 (Espipi)


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1. Item Changes


    Healing Items
    The following healing items now have a shared cooldown. It means you cannot use them together as long as the other one is on cooldown.
    Aruna Elixir & White Slim Potion

The only item that has independent cooldown will be the Cold Medicine it means you can combo it along with other Healing Items
    The reason for the changes on the healing items is to promote a good stacking strategy on WOE and to revive the SPP and Healing skills of Creator and High Priest classes.
    This will also make it fair to the andRO users as they only rely on @autopot command.
    These changes are currently experimental and will be closely observed by me (Dev1) during WOE, GVG and other PVP Activities.

2. General Changes

@packetfilter drops is now working properly again :)

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