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Update February 7, 2021 (Donations are now Open)


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Hello guys it's been 5 days since we release the 'Lilith Invasion Event' Hope you are enjoying it.
Anyway this update will cover urgent issues ingame, And the opening of our Donation NPC! yehey!

Our original plan was to add more content on this update but we didnt make it in time sorry, to compensate for that once my fatigue is gone i will apply the next update as soon as possible, so expect 2 updates this coming week. B|

New Content & Feature Additions

Donations are now Open!




For more info Visit the Donation NPC @veil 148 125


General Changes

1. Adjusted Max SP cap to 6k

2. Removed Server Feature "PVP on while MVP is Alive".
    -MVP Maps are now non-pvp/gvg map.
    -Players can now use Yggdrasil Berry/Seed on MVP Maps
4. Modified Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb(ITEMID#2554) to be equippable by all jobs.

5. Fixed Item Dragon Shuriken(ITEMID#3536) Sync to description.

6. Skill 'High Jump' has been disabled on GVG & Battleground maps.

7. Gold Room Changes.
    -Enabled Skill usage inside Gold Room.
    -Decreased Gold per kill from random(1~4) to random(1~3).
    -Added Stronger Killer Boss inside Gold Room to avoid AFK Farmers.

8. Reduced Cooldown time of Ygg Room to 10 minutes.

9. Modified item Helm of Abyss (ITEMID#5363),
    New effect for balancing:
    Reduces damage taken from Boss monsters by 20%.
    Reduces damage taken from Normal monsters by 10%.
10. Added Duplicate for NPC Suhnbi at veil 84 161

11. Modified 'Aro Dyestuff maker' NPC, Dyestuffs can now be crafted in bulk.

12. Added Ticket Refiner at veil 76 155

13. Guild party is now Allowed on KOE

NOTE: Please Patch your client before playing!

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