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Update February 2, 2021


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General Changes

1. Increased Monster Density(Mob count) in all areas by 200%

2. Reduced HP modification of all normal monsters from 300% HP of original to 250%HP.

3. Enabled MVP Tomb when MVP is Killed. (9 seconds after mvp kill)

4. Disabled usage of Bloody Branch on MVP Ladder Maps to avoid exploit.
    MVP Ladder Map List:

5. Disabled Monster Teleport inside Devil Square Map to avoid unreachable monsters bug.
6. Adjusted Max HP Cap from 2 Million to 1.2 Million.

7. Disabled auto revive when warping to a map to avoid exploit.

8. Set World Boss Monster Defense to 30 Def , 30 Mdef.

9. Fixed Valkyrie Shield(ITEMID#2115) combo bonus effect.

10. Gold Room Changes.
    -Increased Gold per kill from random(1~3) to random(1~4).
    -Disabled Skill usage inside Gold Room.
    -Gold Room full renovation on next update.(for the better good)

11. Added Yggdrasil Berry(ITEMID#607) on Tool Dealer NPC(Veil Town). 

12. Reduced Re-use delay of Yggdrasil Berry(ITEMID#607) & Yggdrasil Seed(ITEMID#608) from 2000ms to 1000ms.

13. Fixed Dark Angelic Hunter's Cap effect & description.

14. Modified Cat Ear Beret(ITEMID#18600) effect.
    New effect:
     Attack Rate +5%
     Increases 5% of Physical damage on Demi-human monsters and
     Reduces 5% of damage from Demi-human monsters
     If upgraded to +6 or higher.
     Additional +1% bonus(Phys damage increase & Demi human reduction) per refine above +5

15. Event Shop Changes.
    -Removed Popular Section(because it only have 1 item lol).
    -Moved Contents of Popular Section to Misc Section.
    -Added 'VIP Ticket 1 Day' at Event Shop MISC Section.

New Content & Feature Additions

16. Added VIP System.

Note: VIP Ticket can be obtained through Event Shop(For now)

VIP Benefits:
Full Buffs at healer npc
+50% More Exp Gain
+25% drop rate
Ignore Gemstone Requirements for skills.

More Benefits to come in the future!

17. Added Valentines Event AKA [Cupid Event], Location moscovia 265 205
-This event occurs every Hour

Trailer video: https://www.facebook.com/arunafeltzRO/videos/450768099442954
Full details at this link: https://arunafeltz.com/forum/index.php?/topic/22-news-alert-liliths-lilin-stole-valentines-arunafeltz-event/


-Added New item on Tool Dealer, Event Item Exclusive!


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