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Mass farming of materials guide for newbei's (wizard build) for newbei

Gm Noah

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Farm guide for mass gathering of material's you need (newbei's guide)

Remeber this guide is good for newbei's to help them farm faster 

this build uses storm gust skill as main aoe killing damage and lord of vermillion for sustain damage of storm gust incase the mobs was been frost. alternate casting so the frozen mobs will be free and the storm gust damage will continue . because if the monster is frozen the damage of the storm gust will stop . thats why you need to cast lord of vermillion to remove frost status.



Str+ 129 (enable to carry fly wing / item mats / potion's )

Agi+ 99 (sustain max aspd incase of decrease agi skill of monster or quagmire)

Vit+ 100 (sustain high hp )

Int+ 255 (increase magic damage )

Dex+ 150 (sustain no casting skill )


Upper hg - Aegir helm = reduce after cast delay of skill by 40% 

( and increase yoour matk+10% if your base in is 255)

Mid hg - Aegir mask = matk +2% (sealed kiel card ) enable fast casting of skill + aegir helm = 70% after cast delay already enought for you to farm faster

Lower hg - Aegir mask  (all stat's +1)

Weapon -as you can see we have 2 option's on weapon ( dargon staff / kiel staff)

(Kiel staff) 

positive - enable faster casting of skill's 

negative - incase you need to farm on pvp or gvg on map you can't use this weapon


(Dragon staff) 

Positive - you can use it anytime anywhere gives you additional int + 5 + matk+1% per refine and dex+ 3.

Negative - not fast as kiel staff when it come's to skill casting cause dragon staff don't have after cast delay 


(Armor set)

Chosen armor set = as  you can see i recommend chosen armor set for this build because it give's you additional matk per chosen parts you use . read knot of magic effect ( which will make your farming more faster because of high damage output per skill you cast it will be easy to kill high hp mobs).



Accesories - knot of magic (for item combo effect ) / any accesories with 1 slot for TP porpose  (creamy card) to eneable farming faster



ARO (ITEM ID on quest materials) note u cacn always use @whodrops in game so you can know where to get specific item you need example @whodrops 36062.

Aro yellow bijou  # 36062

Aro blue bijou #36060

Aro red bijou # 36061

ARO witch star sand # 36032

Aro burning heart # 36041

Aro burning hair # 36045

Aro coal # 36028

Aro treasure box # 36059

Aro reins # 36033

Aro star crumb #36026

Aro Fabric # 36030

Aro glacial heart # 36066

Aro used iron plate # 36056

Aro shining scale # 36008

Aro bloody rune # 36067

Aro rusty screw # 36055

Aro whither less rose # 36003

Aro valhalla flower # 36064

Aro dark mask # 36048

Aro dark crystal fragment # 36054

Aro yarn # 36038

Aro Steel # 36025

Aro armor piece of dullahan # 36051

Aro rough elu # 36005

Aro rough ori # 36006

Aro rough wind # 36023

Aro crystal blue # 36018

Aro solid iron piece # 36063

Aro Tengu nose # 36049

Aro golden hair # 36031

Aro yellow plate #36046

Aro ice cubic # 36040

Aro  rune of darkness # 36065

Aro  cyfar # 36039

(Aro dyestuff ) - you can take dyestuff quest on @veil 83 138


(List of requirment's)


MIxture and counteragent quest can be made @veil 81 136


(List of requirments)



Enjoy hunt hope it help's you to start farming on aruna and welcome newbei's

Note this build can be use also on -gold room faming (skill on) 

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