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(guide) Bloody branch farming (Gunslinger) (freebies) (newbei's guide)

Gm Noah

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Bloody branch farming guide 

remeber when starting as newbei you must farm gold first on gold room here's a guide you can visit for gold room farming link https://arunafeltz.com/forum/index.php?/topic/179-newbei-guides-for-farming-sniper-gold-room-build/ so you can buy all you need for bloody branch farming,

here are the guide's for Bloody branch farming build''s

(Freebies set) (no enchant)(budget meal items)


Stats :

*VIT +249 why vit ? as you can see on weapon effect if u reach 250 vit it will give you 400% atk.

*DEX +255 to increase damage of longrange weapon's 400% atk alone is too low

*LUK+ 33 (add's crit chance) 


*Upper hg =Legionair's hat /soldier hat - increase damage to boss monster by 20%

(Gemini-s58 card) why ? ttoo prevent status such as stone cursed sleep which is annoying foor farmer's . you must equip 2 pcs to get 100% immunity

*Mid hg = aegir's mask - atk +2%  (gemini-s58 card)

*Lower hg = Aegir's mask ( for all stats +1) or if u have red rose on quest shop it's better 

*Armor = dragon armor = for it's combo effecttt which is a big help on damage  and resist for magic (tao gunka card) for high hp and bring (marc card) incase of skc and kattalunux boss

*Weapon = (Gattling gun) why ? as you can see on the picture The skill of gunslinger (Gattling fever) increase not only attack but also your attack speed. that's why i don't need to put dopple card oor agi for attack speed the buff it's self is enought to max out you attack speed on 197 

*(cards ) 2 Abyssmal knight card (increase damage to boss monster )

2 turtle general card (increase atk by 20% ) 

Note: always cast Gatling fever so you can kill faster


*Mantue = Dragon mantue (for dragon set combo effect to work

(card depend's on your need )

*Shoes = Dragon boots (for combo effect to work )

(cards) Green ferus card for hp % and super easy to hunt

Accesories = Archer figure  2pcs (inccrease long range damage + dex )

you can find it on @quest super easy to make  

(card's) i would like to suggest (owl baron card ) for lex aeterna for double damage

and (zerom card ) for additional damage  and super easy to hunt

*Ammution's and basic food buffs


Remeber always cast gatling fever to enable your damage and atk speed

Abrasive -increase crit rate by 100%

Aloevera - casting provoke lvl 1 on your self (add's damage)

Box of gloom - auto cast attention concent (add's damage)

Foods - str/vit/dex/luk/agi/int (for additional stats)

Converter's - one of the most important  cause each boss have own elemental weakness example stormy knight you must use wind converter for high damage

Bullet  - (Holy bullet) 10 bullet is all you need why holy only cause u already have elemental converter too use incase yu need too change your normal attack property

Potion's - i will suggest bring ygg and aruna elixir for sustaining your hp 


Note: bloody branch can only be summoned on @veil 103 80  (you must have atlease a party to enter and 1M zenny )


For more question's kindly pm me on discord @Gm Noah happy hunting everyone

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