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Newbei guides for farming (sniper gold room build )

Gm Noah

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Newbei ' s farming guide

you must enter this portal it will teleport you on starting town or main town of the server (veil)


first of all after entering portal on starting map you will have to click this freebies npc that contains freebies items that can help you to farm your starting items. npc name's aruna staff npc ( @warp veil 114 39) and solopack distrib (@ veil 125 39 )


this npc contain's  -

(Kiel staff) - newbei weapon so you can farm faster using wizard gives you fast casting of skills ,remember only for farming not working on pvp or woe .....


(basic supplies) like food's / exp manual / job manual / pots and more . to help you level up faster using this max level only takes 5mins .


rental ring's for physical / magical job's and gaining extra xp ea monster kill only for 3days .


How to go in traning grounds? for leveling purpose ? (just type @train ) ea floor contain's harder monster but higher xp rate .we also have job changer on @train



if xp is little bit low for your ccurrent level find  (guardian npc ) click harder monster to increase your xP gain ea kill you get


after reaching max level cap use @request for extra freebies from gm .  freebies box from gm consist of the ff on picture below. it's  all account bound


Guide **************************************

sniper build  with items that can help you farm faster  on gold room

remember :always bring fly wing''s before using @autoattack features of the server fly wing weight is only 0.01 (autoattack use normal attack on random target)

question? does autoattack feature's use skills  = answer is no it only use normal attack and fly wing to teleport to other location''s 

question? does autoattack feature's use teleport skill on creamy = answer is no only fly wing works

Sniper (MAX ASPD + CLEAVE BUILD ) (FREEBIES) FOR GOLD ROOM NON-pvp and skill off. (using auto attack) 

dex + 255 ( for damage )

int + 99 for (auto falcon damage)

agi +99 to prevent dropping your aspd (it depends on you ) i only put some agi incase for unforseen etc .

vit+ it depends on you if you want to sustain your life put some vit (but peco on gold room don't do that much damage

str +to able to carry some potion and etc.

luk +149 (for auto falcon chance and critical) 


headgear - freebies hg ( don't need expensive hg for faming gold ) (vanberk card)

mid headgear - freebies ( vanberk  card will do )

lower headgear - freebies  

armor - dragon armor (you can get 3 pcs dragon armor set on freebies from gm) (tao gunka card for high hp)

weapon - i would suggest dragon bow but you can also use composite bow if u have other need for dragon bow

card ( dopple card for stable aspd / baphomet card if u have some for cleave damage )

mantue - i would suggest dragon manteu for it's combo set effect .( whisper card for addtional damage)

shoes - dragon shoes ( for combo effect ) ( card wild rose to have a high perfect dodge or general egnigem for high hp)

ring's - any ring avail on your inventory ( you dont need expesive rings for farm rms rings will do) ( card yoyo card or any card that can help you farm faster )



Always remeber to check your inventory for fly wing's ( if u don't have flywing while using @autoattack feature's expect less farmed gold)

flywing weight is 0.01 only so you can bring as much as you can

question how can we turn on and off @autoattack feature's just use same command  to on / off the autoattack

question where is the gold room ? (gold room is located @ veil 142 104

note : you must be insde the gold room map before entering autoattack mode to prevent wasting resource

always see your character if it's still farming sometime''s we are have emergency maintenance or it's already disconnected .

note max zenny is 2 billion only ( if u exceed transfering zenny to mythril coin we won't be resposible for it )



HAPPY HUNTING for more question kindly pm me on discord @Gm Noah!!!

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