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Update January 24, 2021


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General Changes


1. Removed Summoned Slaves on World Boss MVP.
    Made World Boss a little bit Stronger in exchange of removing Slaves.

2. Changed Restrictions on PVP Room.
    -You can now hit your guildmates & party members inside pvp room.
    -This restriction will enforce Player vs Player environment instead of ganging on 1 vs guild/party.

3. Modified item Yggdrasil Berry(ITEMID#607) & Yggdrasil Seed(ITEMID#608)
    -Reduced Re-use delay from 4000ms to 2000ms.
    -Increased Weight from 0.5 to 3.
    -Added Usage Restriction: Item is Disabled on PVP/GVG,Battlegrounds & WOE.

4. Disabled Unannounced WOE Times auto triggering.
    -Releases castles from its conquered state.

5. Reduced Weight of White Potion(ITEMID#504) from 15 to 0.1

6. Fixed MVP Ladder Bug, Sometimes not triggering on MVP kill.

7. Modified Star Glad & Soul Linker Skills and Restriction
    -Allowed use of SG skills without proper day (Sun/Moon/Star)
    -Allowed use of ES-type magic on players
    -Miracle of the Sun, Moon and Stars skill ratio increased from 0.25% 1%
    -Angel of the Sun, Moon and Stars skill ratio increased from 0.25% 1%
8. Added Slim White Potion(ITEMID#547) on Tool Dealer for 250,000z.

9. Increased @alootid slot from 20 to 30.

10. Added New items on [Event Shop].
    -Added item HE Bubblegum(ITEMID#12412), Buff Foods Section
    -Added item Corrupted Mineral(ITEMID#50010), MISC Section
    -Added item Costume Enchant Ticket(ITEMID#50005), MISC Section

11. Reduce waiting time between event rule explanations on the following events:
    -Dice Event
    -Find the Poring Event

New Content & Feature Additions

12. Added Official Sunglasses Quest [1]
    Ref Link: https://irowiki.org/wiki/Headgear_Quests#Slotted_Sunglasses_Quest
13. Added New item Aruna Elixir(ITEMID#50015)
    Aruna Elixir
    Class: Restorative
    Heal: 9% HP, 8% SP
    Delay: 100ms
    Weight : 1

    Note: Can be obtained through [Potion Brewing NPC]

14. Added Potion Brewing NPC, Location: veil 109 89
    You can brew the Aruna Elixir Here
    You can only make per batch of 10pcs.
    Ingridients to craft per batch: 
    10x Yggdrasil Berry
    10x White Slim Potion
    100k zeny


Potion Brewing NPC Mechanics:
You can only make per batch of 10pcs.
Ingridients to craft per batch: 
10x Yggdrasil Berry
10x White Slim Potion
100k zeny
Special Mechanics:
Brewing has 0 to 3 Levels.
The brewing success depends on the level of brewing.
Every Brew success/fail, you will gain 10 BrewExp
Level 0 = 50% Success rate
1k BrewExp for Lvl 1(60% Success rate)
5k BrewExp for Lvl 2(72% Success rate)
10k BrewExp for Lvl 3(100% Success rate)



Note: This is Part 1 of the weekly content update, Part 2 will be on this week too. 

Please Patch your client before playing!


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