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Update May 13, 2023 (BG Revamped)


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1. BattleGround Changes


    BattleGround Shop Implementation (@warp veil 104 125)
    - Added Rental +13 Weapons
    - Added Battleground Exclusive Headgear Costumes!
    - Added Battleground Exclusive 2nd Generation Shadow Weapons! (Cannot be donated)
    - Any many more items check the shop!

    Shadow Weapons Animation Preview Here: 

    BG Modes
    - Temporarily Disabled Rush and Conquest Modes.
    Battleground Happy Hours
    - Happy Hour Effect +50% more rewards on battlegrounds during its duration.
    - 3am to 4am, 8am to 9am,1pm to 2pm, 7pm to 8pm, 10:01pm to 11:01pm
    Increased Battleground Limit to 20 Players per team!

2. General Changes

    New NPC Shadow Weapon Swapper (mall01 116 105)
    - Can Swap First Generation Shadow Weapon to other first generation shadow weapon.
    - Can Swap Second Generation Shadow Weapon to other second generation shadow weapon.
    - Swapping Fee of 20,000 Aruna Credits.
    - Item Refine & Unique Gems will be transferred to the new item. No need to worry about swapping.

    Adjusted Pet Capture Rate Formula(higher chance based on LUK stat):
    - New Formula: [( Base rate + player luk * 10 ) * ( 200 - current monster hp percentage ) / 10000] = Capture Rate %

    Added New Costume Quest on Chrome Quest
    - Costume Dark Barcillium
    Added Rental Weapons on Donator Token Shop
    - Located at Chrome Weapons Section.
    New Command @autocast
    - Enables / Disables auto casting of the following items: Celine Kimi Card, Evil Spirit Gloves, Turtle General Card
    - Removed @magnum command and merged its function to @autocast.
    New Command @mall
    - Warps you to the mall area.
    Other Domain Changes
    - Increased Otherworldly Coin Rewards on Other Domain, the new formula for rewards is now (Ranking Points/69,000) = Reward Amount.

    Added New Item Super HE BubbleGum!
Obtainable on Battlegrounds

3. Item Changes
    Dragon Weapon Random Box
    - Added Dragon Rifle, Gatling & Shotgun on the random box.

    Item Balancing Changes

4. Skill Changes & Balancing

    [Lord Knight]

    - Adjusted ATK bonus to 5% on all levels
    [Assassin Cross]

    Soul Destroyer
    - MATK Damage part is now pseudo Neutral element. Final Damage is Neutral. but can benefit from elemental endowment.
        Pseudo-Neutral Damage. Can be resisted by Neutral Resistance & Ghostring Card. but can benefit from weapon element/endowment. Enemy using Deviling card will boost your damage.   

 Wikipedia detailed info: https://arunafeltz.com/wiki/index.php/Soul_Destroyer


    Mind Breaker
    - Adjusted MATK bonus to 5% on all levels
    Throw Zeny
    - Added 50ms Fixed Cooldown
    - New Formula based on user STR & LUK versus enemy STR & LUK
    - Damage Formula: ((5*(luk*3)*str*luk) / (6*(target_luk+target_str)-6))+(5*(str*str)) = Throw Zeny Damage
    - If your enemy got low STR & LUK then you will have more damage.
    - This skill now requires Zeny Bags as Ammunition. Players can buy the Zeny Bags on Gold Room Exchange Shop.

    Note: This is an experimental skill for now. Dont invest too much on this build as this skill might have some great changes on its formula later on for improvement.

    First Wind
    - Added 50ms Fixed Cooldown
    Lightning Jolt
    - Added 50ms Fixed Cooldown
    Wind Blade
    - Removed Aftercast Delay
    - Added 50ms Fixed Cooldown
    - Increased hits up to 10 hits , 1 hit added per level.
    - Increased damage by 20%
    Ice Meteor
    - Added 50ms Fixed Cooldown
    - Reduce Aftercast Delay
    - Increased damage by 20%
    Freezing Spear
    - Added 50ms Fixed Cooldown
    - Increased damage by 20%
    Exploding Dragon
    - Added 50ms Fixed Cooldown
    - Increased damage by 20%
    Blaze Shield
    - Added 50ms Fixed Cooldown
    Flaming Petals
    - Added 50ms Fixed Cooldown
    - Increased damage by 20%

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