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Update March 18, 2023 (Hotfixes & Egg Hunter)


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1. Betlog Hunter Event
    Help EggJill hunt some eggs for his collection and get rewarded with these awesome prizes!

      Xmas Goblin can be found in Toy Factory 1 spawned every 30 minutes.

Egg List:

Pet List Reference:


2. Item Changes & Balancing

    Soul Link Talismans (Per job) is now back to Zero (0) delay cooldown.
    - This is a temporary change until we rework the dispell, tarot clearance chance and other factors that dispells the enemy.
    - We are also looking to rework the whole Soul link effects for all classes in the future to make having cooldown on Talismans more viable.
    - By Rework we are talking about improving the job/skills itself and make not make some job so crippled when not in soul link.
    - We are also aiming on implenting soul link to jobs that dont have it like Gunslinger & Ninja jobs.

    Enchanted Huuma
    - Rogue/Stalker Class can now equip this weapon. (Custom Sprite will not show)
    Dark Repulser
    - Crusader/Paladin Class can now equip this weapon. (Custom Sprite will not show)

    Pope Osuwari Headband
    - Paladin Bonus on this item can now be applied for all jobs, This way stalker can also fully utilize this item.

3. General Changes

    - Bathode Origin now drops item Excalibur by 5% Chance (From Ancient Summoning System) Ancient Summoning System - ArunaWiki (arunafeltz.com)
    - Wave Mode Treasure Chest now Drops Blacksmith Blessing Pack (10) with 5% chance.

4. Valentino Event is now Over!

    - Valentino is now Relocated inside the Mall Area (@warp mall01 69 106)
    - Valentines Gift Box 2023 is now removed from Treasure Chest inside Wave mode.
    - Players can still get Valentines Gift Box 2023 through battleground

Patch your clients and Play!

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