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Update February 28, 2023 (Server Upgrade! Migrated to Ryzen!)


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Hello Arunians! Please take your time to read the server changes. We love you all ❤️
(Maintenance Compensation Shower will be After WOE on Wednesday)

1. Server Upgrade!
~ Server Migrated to Ryzen Dedicated Server!
~ Upgraded Operating System to Debian 10!
~ Added a more advance server protection (Due to this change, users might encounter failed to connect on some occasions because of the STRICT server filter, this will go on for about a week until the server caches all of the IP ranges of the players)

PC Users Available IP's and Tunnel Servers.
USA & CA are still under re-configuration, we will announce when its available. (May take 6 ~ 12 hours).


Android Users Available IP's and Tunnel Servers.
SG1, USA & CA are still under re-configuration, we will announce when its availble. (May take 6 ~ 12 hours).


2. General Changes
   GMT Shop Additional Items
    - Added New items on GMT Shop
   New Command @allocate
    - Example @allocate str 255 , to automatically put stats on strength.
    - stat keywords are str, agi, dex, vit, int, luk
    - This will help the mobile users a lot

  - Discontinued Bossnia Staff (no purpose anymore)
  - Removed Sindri NPC

Server up! Patch your clients now!

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