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Update February 15, 2023 (Valentino)


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Valentines Update 💟


1. Valentino! Updates
Help Valentino retrieve his lost Valentines Gift Box 2023 inside WaveMode Instance!


Go and Defeat monsters inside WaveMode instance, the monsters have hidden the Valentines Gift Boxes inside the Treasure Chest, force open the treasure chest to get your rewards! Valentines Gift Box 2023 has 4% chance to drop inside the treasure chest.

Valentino NPC Location: veil 122 84


Exclusive Costumes

Limited Edition Goodies

Note: We may add more items on the shop after the 21st of february.

WaveMode Guide: Wave Mode - ArunaWiki (arunafeltz.com)

2. Extended BattleGrounds 3.0 initial implementation


Extended Battleground 3.0 it's a huge modification of the actual battlegrounds system. Currently on its BETA Phase for public testing.
All Prizes on Battleground are Valentines Gift Box 2023, Players will get 8 pieces for winning and 2 pieces for losing.

  • 8 unique game modes.
  • Rotative arena:  current arena changes every 4 mins or when a match is finished.
  • Extended joining system: players can enlist as solo, party or guild. Even if the Arena Changes(due to rotation) during queue you are still on queue.
  • Job balance: teams are balanced equally depending on the jobs.
  • Double login prevention (Only One Device can enter battlegrounds)
  • Battleground & War of Emperium statistics.


  • Party skills working on team members.
  • Deserter System if you abandon your current Battleground Game you will not be able to join after 10 minutes

Game modes:

 - Conquest: A WoE Second Edition mode, a team must defend the Emperium and the other must attack. This mode duplicate the WoE Castle and rotate them every match.

 - Capture the Flag: Teams must capture the enemy crystal and carry it to their flag.

 - Stone Control: Teams must capture the Stone totems and carry them to the base. Every tick teams gain points if they control any stone.

 - Team DeathMatch: As the name indicate, a deathmatch. The first team on killing 50 times wins.

 - Bossnia: Each team have a boss in their base, teams must kill the Control Flag to remove enemy boss's immunity to kill the boss.

 - Rush: A WoE First Edition mode, teams must rush until the Emperium to kill it. The team that captures the Emperium must defend it for a time and the other one must attack. This mode duplicate the WoE Castles as well.

 - Domination: There are 3 bases, teams must capture them standing on them to gain points.

 - Double Inferno: It's a deathmatch where every player drops a skull, team members must pick up the skulls and sacrifice them in their respective totems.

BattleGround Commands
@joinbg <0-2>: enlist to the battleground queue (0: solo 1: party 2: guild)

@guildskill <EC/RS/RG/BO>: performs a guild skill (usable in WoE maps too)

@guildskillinfo: check if the guild skills are available to cast or show the remaining cooldown.

@leader <player name>: transfer the team leader to another player.

@reportafk <player name>: kicks an AFK player from the arena.

@order <message>: shout a message to the team.

@listenbg: enable/disable the battleground's announces.

@bgrank: displays the Battleground's rank.

@woerank: displays the WoE's rank.

3. Last Man Standing Event NPC

LMS Mechanics are Simple kill everyone until only 1 survives, The winner will be the last man standing!
This automated event triggers every hour!

To join just type @lms

Rewards: 10 Valentines Gift Box 2023
6nunRg3.png T8zF5Vhm.png

4. General Changes

            - Added Aruna Credit Scrolls (1k , 15k) on Donation Shop

            - Fixed Pet Shop Taming item list, All Taming items on Pet Shop is now working properly

            - Adjusted Drop Rate of Celine Kimi Card to be 0.75% to make it more rare.

            - Adjusted LHZ Cards Quest Requirements

                        - Now you need 2x Aruna Credits Scroll 15k & 100x Bloody Card Album for each LHZ Card.

            - Added More Gold Room [Skill-ON] Area for farming.

            - Temporarily Disabled Clickable Item Link feature on @mi & @ii and in other search commands

                        Reason: We discovered mobile users cannot see Misc Type item names on @mi and other commands with Item Link.

                        We will activate it again in the future when the mobile client catch up.

            - Vending Changes

                        - Removed Zeny Option on Vending as its not being used as a vending option anymore.

                        - Added Event Ticket on available Vending currencies

                        - @whosell command can now support up to +13 refine search

            - PvP Room Changes

                        - Added New PVP Rooms [WOE-Like Reduction] & [LMS-Like Reduction(NO Consumables)]

                          [WOE-Like Reduction] - has similar damage reduction as WOE Castles & GVG Maps

                          [LMS-Like Reduction(NO Consumables)] - has similar damage reduction on LMS event map & you cannot use consumables (healing potions, potions etc)

5. Item Balancing & Changes

            Elder Scroll

                        - Removed Decrease Elemental Resistance to user.

                        - Removed Magic Reflect Resistance.

            Elucidator & Dark Repulser

                        - Removed Sonic Blow Damage Nerf

            Superior Phreeoni

                        - Increased Weapon Damage Bonus

            General Item Changes

                        - Reduced Poison Bottle Weight to 0
                        - Reduced Anodyne Weight to 1



6. Cash Shop Activated

            - Added New Item! Golem Stone for 600 Cash Points

            - Added New Item! Frost Giant Blood for 600 Cash Points


            - Added Full Chemical Protection Scroll for 5 Cash Points

            - Added HP & SP Potion (Large) for 3 Cash Points

Note: We will add more items on the shop after the 21st of february.

7. Vote Shop Activated

NPC Location: veil 126 71

Click this link to vote!: https://arunafeltz.com/?module=voteforpoints


Note: We will add more items on the shop after the 21st of february.

8. New Domain Shop Costumes!

Visit The Other Domain Guardian at veil 79 89

9. Fashion Area Updated!
To try all of the Newest Costumes that have been released and to be release this february

type @warp veil 142 129 and Enter Fashion Area. Find Kuya Salvi and check under February 2023 section


Make sure to patch your clients before playing! Happy Grinding Everyone! 🥰

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