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Update November 19, 2022 (GOTM S4 Start!)


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Sorry it took some time, i love you all ❤️ 
- Dev1 Butete



1. Shadow Weapons System W/ Unique Power Gemstones


    Shadow Weapons
    - Shadow Weapons are costume weapons that can disguise your weapon equipment sprite into the sprite of your shadow weapon.
    - Shadow Weapons are refinable and have ATK bonus when refined.
    - You can embed a Unique Power Gemstone to further enhance the ability of your Shadow Weapon.
    - Shadow Weapon Costumes can be Quested on Chrome Quest
    - Shadow Weapon Costumes are also available at Donation Shop Token Section.
       yJzKabK.png   T5u9SBZ.png
    Unique Power Gemstones
    - To insert a power stone, Go to Aver De Dosh
    - Only one Power Gem can be slotted on your Shadow Weapon
    - There is 100% success chance to embed a unique power gem.
    - Unique Power Gemstones can be Quested on Strong Butete at Mall.
    - Unique Power Gemstones are also available at Donation Shop Token Section.
    The main material for the Unique Power Stones the "Unique Power Gem Silver" can be dropped at ASS, Tier S & Tier SS for 5% drop rate.
    it also drops at Dragon Valley at 10% drop rate.


2. Item Changes & Additions

    Tier Enchant Changes
     Almost all items can now be enchanted (Armor, Garment, Shoes, Shield) with some blacklisted items.
        The following items cannot be enchanted with Tier Enchant:
         Temporal Boots
         Giant Snake Skin
    Note: If you notice that some items should be on the blacklist, please report immediately.
    New Chrome Quest
        - Finger Style Guitar
       j64jdeF.png E6Hkg1ml.png

     Shadow Weapons

    New Strong Butete Quest
        - Unique Power Gemstones

    Adjusted the effect of the following items:

    Reduce weight of the following items:
        - Dead Branch
        - Red, Yellow, White, Blue, Green Herbs
        - Counteragent , Mixture, Dyestuffs All Colors
        - Oridecon, Elunium

3. Skill & Class Changes
    Baby Suits & Baby Classes
     - Baby Characters and Baby Suit users are now considered Medium Size, instead of small.
     - The skill is now immune to all kinds of dispell.
     - Skill is now toggle able.

     - Improved Effect: +50 Flee and receives 20% less damage from ranged physical attacks, but has -50 HIT.

     Madness Canceller
     - Improved Effect: The caster is immobilized, but adds 169 ATK and 50% ASPD and receives 20% less damage from physical attacks.
    Assassin Cross
     Enchant Deadly Poison
     - Increased Duration to 120 Seconds at level 5
     Asura Strike
     - Since the server has removed SP Cap to all characters. Asura SP Cap will be at 6000 SP. (No Changes on Damage)

     Soul Burn
     - New Damage Formula: (INT * TargetSP)/7
     Arrow Vulcan
     - Skill can now critical
     Please Dont Forget me (Slow Grace)
     - New Improved Formula: 
        5 + 3 * skill_lv + Dex / 5 = ASPD Decrease %
        5 + 3 * skill_lv + Agi / 7 = Movement speed Decrease %

4. New Commands
    @idsearch <item name>
        - Looks up an item by name (or part of a name). Ex. @idsearch Yggdrasil
        - You can also use @ii / @iteminfo for a more detailed search.

    @jump {<x> <y>}
        - Warps to the given coordinates on the current map. Ex. @jump 150 150
        - If no coordinates are entered, a random location will be chosen.
5. General Changes & Quality of Life

    Item Link System Integration
    -  Integrated Item Link to generate the itemlink on several commands that show information about items.


    - Adjusted Defense Refine Bonus from +14 Defense per refine to +6 Defense Per Refine.
    - Added Announcement when refining +13 Success/fail
    - New Exchange rate of Aruna Credits to Event Ticket 100 Aruna Credits: 100 Event Ticket
    - Added Blacksmith Blessing Packs on Event Shop Misc Section
    - Lowered the price of Blacksmith Blessing Packs on Donation Shop
    - Lowered the Requirements of HD Bradium & HD Carnium on Strong Butete Shop
    - Added HD Bradium & HD Carnium Box (10) on Strong Butete Shop
    - Removed SP Cap
    System Changes
    - Fixed Unknown packets errors when using @packetfilter attack.


5. Upcoming Costumes (This will be viewable on Fashion Area Later tonight)




Don't forget to patch your clients before playing!

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