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Guild of The Month Tournament: November!

GM Yumi

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GOTM GVG Rules & Mechanics

1. There will be a Maximum Job Limit for each Team.
     Maximum of 3 Lord Knight
     Maximum of 3 Paladin
     Maximum of 3 Biochemist
     Maximum of 2 Clown/Dancer (Bard & Dancers are counted as one class)

3. NO CHANGING OF JOB LINEUPS. If your member had a disconnection problem, you should have a backup member(same job) just in case.

4. NO OUTSIDE BUFFS, (Participants are auto dispelled upon warping in the preparation room)


6. DO NOT MOVE or at least stay at your side of the arena until the "GO" signal is given.

7. During a DISCONNECTION PROBLEM, pub in the middle of the arena BEFORE the clash of the battle for the GMs to be notified and restart the event. Only One (1) DISCONNECTION PROBLEM will be entertained per match. (1 Match have Multiple Rounds).

You will have 10-15 seconds to notify GMs if a disconnection problem does occur. IF a DISCONNECTION PROBLEM happens during a clash, the round will continue with no negotiation.

8. ATTACKING and/or using OFFENSIVE SKILLS without the "GO" signal will have the offending team DISQUALIFIED.

9. No leaving of Party during the battle, violating this rule would result in AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION on the current match. NO WARNING WILL BE GIVEN.

10. Each ROUND will be given a 5-minute DEFAULT timer. If time's already up, the team with the HIGHER number of members in the arena will win. A REMATCH will be called if BOTH teams have the SAME number of members.

IF BOTH teams have GREATER THAN 3 members remaining (NOT SAME # of MEMBERS). The match will be extended by +2 minutes.This extension can only happen once per round!

11. IF your team has any concerns regarding the rules or how the host handles the game, Please say it in a nice way, NO TRASH TALKING ON THE STAFFS. Message them in discord directly for your concerns.The Game Masters has the final decision over the rules and can be flexible depending on the situation.

12. No use of Emergency Call or any Recall Skills.

13. ONLY ONE (1) Warning would be given to the team who will violate the rules. Another violation would mean DISQUALIFICATION.

14. All Job Lineup needs to be submitted to a Game Master at least 3 hours Before the start of the EVENT.






GOTM Rules:
1. Do not create a guild with a similar name as another existing guild or use an emblem that is already used by another guild. Please do not remove or change the Guild Emblem in any case. Strictly use the official emblem you have submitted to the GMs to avoid forfeiting your points.

2. No Guild Allies in any form.


3. No Intentional Blocking of main road to Emperium if your guild is not the defending Guild of the Castle.


4. Buffers that use lesser stats and intentionally staying on spawn points / woe entrance will be banned immediately.


5. Use @request or DM IGN: Dev1 when you are reporting a Guild or a Player that you think is violating the rules.


6. Game Master’s have the right to recall your character to get your attention during WOE if you or your guild is misbehaving/violating the rules.


7. Respect the GMs, Staff and the Server. Do not spread fake news or information with malicious intent that can harm the reputation of the server. We will do our best to make you sanctioned by legal means if necessary.

8. Follow the GOTM Mechanics & Rules. Failure to comply with the mechanics and rules will forfeit your points in that GVG/WOE round.


9. The Administrators have the power to add rules before the game as he/she sees fit.










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