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Update November 04, 2022 (Quickie Update)


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Hello Arunians!, This update is mainly for implementing the Ninja Rebalancing and Fixing the Overdef Buff bug.
Have a good day!

Note: Close all your clients first before patching!
For those who have errors while patching with corrupted game.exe
Download this fix and extract inside your aruna folder!



1. Skill Changes & Balancing

      - Increased Ranged based on Snake Eye Skill
      - Critical is now enabled on this skill.
     Final Strike
      - New damage formula (less damage), (20 x Str) + (HP x 4 x Skill Level).
      - Increased retained HP after casting final strike from 25% to 33% to make it more spammable.
      Final Strike now deals Less Damage but more spammable.

     Double Attack
      - Double attack now works with any weapon except fist.

2. Client Improvement
    - Client is set to normal priority when inactive and high when active.
    - Disabled Black Fade Screen, you wont notice the "Black Fade Screen" when you teleport in same map or use @refresh
    - Client improvements to make it more responsive for a smoother gameplay.

3. General Changes
    - Change Max Party to 20 Players
    - Fix Spurt buff to activate even if the player has weapon
    - Removed Brewing NPC - There is no benefit in keeping this NPC since Aruna Elixir can be bought using Gold Points.

    Bug Fixes
    - Fixed a bug where if you exceed 127 defense your defense will automatically become negative.
      It is now working properly, Defenses are adding normally with 99 max Hard Def and over defense goes to Soft Def.

4. Item Changes

    Special Stones (Faceworm Enchants)
     - Fixed the effect of all stones as per description

    Adjusted Effect of the following items:

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