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Update September 08, 2022 (Client Optimization v1)


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Hello Good evening butete's, here are some changes to improve our client performance. V2 will be uploaded by tomorrow for the update of the EXE file. Done


1. Client Changes
   Optimized Client for reduce lag
   - Remove most of the "Forced Effects On" of skills that are unnecessary.
   - Added these skills as "Force Effect On" (even if you off /effect these effects will show)
     - Pneuma
     - Safety Wall
     - Warp Portal Animation 1
     - Warp Portal Animation 2
     - Spirit Link
     - High Jump (Jump)
     - High Jump (Return Down)
     - Casting [S]

For those interested in GRF editing...
All of these effects can be Enabled / Disabled on the file forcerendereffect.lub



You can find the equivalent effect number here on this file: 
rathena/effect_list.txt at master · rathena/rathena (github.com)

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Additional Client Changes

Updated ArunafeltzRO.exe to a more stable version (less susceptible to crash).

~ The exe now automatically set its priority to "HIGH" when its active and "Normal" when it is inactive
~ Removed most of Frost Joke & Scream auto chat messages.

Reminder: Close all your clients first before patching using Aruna Patcher.exe to avoid errors!


If you get GAME EXE FILE Corrupted then you forgot to close some of your client before Patching and now you need to Delete server.dat file and restart your PC then repatch again using the patcher.

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