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Update September 6, 2022 (Server Stabilized! Enter the butete!)


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Hello Arunians, Below are the changelogs for this update. if you got suggestions/reports that didnt make it into this patch, dont be discourage it just means that we are still testing / implementing it. 

Make sure to read all of the contents of this patch to avoid confusions ingame.






1. Bug Fixes
   ~ Great Dispell is now working properly as intended
   ~ Dispell Immunity bonus (minor & greater) is now working properly as intended
   ~ Fixed some skills that are inflicting '1' damage to the user when cast.
   ~ Fixed a bug where weapon atk above +10 are not adding. it is now working properly.
   ~ Fixed Elemental Converters and Cursed Water not working when equipped with gtb
   ~ Status Resistances Bug Fixed
     - Fixed a bug when a player gets over item bonus status resist only the excess resistance are taking effect instead of capping at 100%. It is now working properly.

   ~ GTB SC immunity Bug Fixed
     - Fixed a bug when a player is equipped with GTB they can still be affected by coma & stone curse. it is now working properly.


2. Skill Changes

     Soul Link Effect:
      Removed Parrying Skill when linked. (Because Red Marble is now a 1 hand weapon).

3. Item Changes
    Red Marble Edge
     - Red Marble Edge is now a 1 Hand Weapon.
     - Rebalanced Marble Edge to have Different effects when Equipping 1 Hand or With Shield
     - Damage bonuses is the same when you have no shield equip with added magic resistance.
     - Damage bonuses are lower if you got shield equipped.

4. General Changes
  ~ Activated @petautofeed command, for pets that dont have autofeed option and for sure fire autofeed. Sure healthy pet user @petautofeed now!
   ~ Increase Pet Capture rate chance by 50%

   ~ New Support Item "Unequip Shield" it unequips your shield/left hand equipment when used.
     - Can be obtained on Cash Shop/Donation Shop (Usables Section)
5. Training Grounds

   Added Floor 5 on Training Ground for faster Levelling!
   The monsters here are:
   Seyren Winsdor
   Sword Guardian

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