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Grand Raffle Event! Anniversary Special


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Grand Raffle Event! Anniversary Special!

Win Cash Prizes and In-Game Items on this raffle!
Up to 10k Worth of Cash, Prize Pool and 20k Worth of Items, Prize pool

We will have lots winners until our Prize pool is depleted!

How to join?

~ Submit your fansign with "Happy 1 Year ArunafeltzRO" to gain an entry slot on Grand Raffle
~ Maximum of 1 Entry per person

~ Follow the submission format
~ Fan sign must be handwritten, printed or be creative as long as NO EDITING of picture to make sure the fan sign picture was specifically taken for this event.
~ All submissions must be on this forums! (just reply on this post)


Fansign Submission Format: 

In-Game Name:
Discord ID: 
Game Unique ID: 

~Character Screenshot with Game Unique ID
~Selfie Picture with the fansign "Happy 1 Year ArunafeltzRO"

~ Game Unique ID is Generated per device/pc.
~ You can get your Game Unique ID on the Raffle NPC in veil 124 88


In-Game Name:
Discord ID: - 7th GOD#6336
Game Unique ID: 1535701609

Character Screenshot with Unique ID:

Fansign Picture: 

Rules & Additional Note:
~ By Submitting your picture you are giving ArunafeltzRO the rights to post it on our Social Media.
~ The Game Masters have the power to choose what raffle type to use on each round.
~ GM's will announce how the prize pool will be divided before each draw/round.
~ If you cheat on this raffle by submitting multiple entries you will be disqualified!

~ Deadline of submissions is until January 5, 2022 | Before the start of the raffle at 10pm

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