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[New In-Game Event Script] Maze Runner


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Maze Runner Event!
Idea by Helsinki
Script by Dev1


This event can be activated & hosted manually by a GM

The aim of this event is to reach the finish line ahead of other players!


1. To participate on this even you must be Level 1 novice!
2. No items is allowed (you cannot bring items inside)
3. Killing the zombies can give you 1 Speed Potion & 1 Aruna Potion
4. If you die you will only go back to the starting point
5. There will be top 3 winners each round of this game announce by the NPC upon reaching the Finish line!
6. The map layout is HIDDEN ingame so mobile and pc users can compete fairly.

Memorize the layout because you wont see them ingame

Thats all and Good Luck arunians!




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