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Update December 8, 2021 (RGB DOLDI)


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1. Skill Changes

    Cart Termination
    - [Added Formula] Increase 1% Cart Termination Damage for every 10 Strength.
    - Increase Damage of skill Cart Termination when Soul Linked by 80% (From 50%)
    Arrow Vulcan
    - Increase skill damage damage by +30%

2. General Changes

    - Added T1 Power Stone on [Bring Me Event] NPC's
    Dragon Valley
    - Decreased Dragon Spawn Time
    Veil Town
    - New Veil Town Design

    Geffen Town
    - New Geffen Town Design
3. Vending Quality of life improvements
    - Added new command @whosell to search vending items
    - Added Store Catalogues to search vending items, This can be bought at Tool Dealer

Dont forget to patch your clients before playing!

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