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  1. =====WELCOME TO ARUNAFELTZ GAMING===== =====Here's a guide to our Main Town (Veil) NPCs. ===== As you pass through the inevitable warp portal in order to start your adventure, You'll be greeted by the following NPCs: If you are new, use @request "I'm new to the server, can I please have more freebies to help me start?" GMs that are currently available may provide you with further freebies if they check that you're actually new to the server. ===== After receiving the freebies, you'll then want to go straight further and you'll be greeted by the following NPCs: ===== And walking further ahead, you will be greeted by the following NPCs: ===== And at the centre of the Main Town, here are the following NPCs you might encounter: ===== On the left hand side of the map, you may find the Enchanting System & Quests Shop that may aid you with your adventures. ===== Assuming you're still around this area, when you take SOUTH, these are the following NPCs: ===== And here are the NPCs when you take NORTH from the Quest Shop Area: ===== On the right-hand side of the map, these NPCs will blow your mind away: ===== SOUTH from where you currently are (right-hand side of the map) will have these NPCs: ===== And here are the other NPCs that you may find interesting: If you would like to donate or support the server, here's the GUIDE on how to. ===== Claiming your title for the extra buff in-game, the NPC is located here: ===== Thank you, God bless.
  2. Welcome Arunafeltz-RO Adventurer! Welcome Arunafeltz-RO Adventurer! Starting off by telling you about the NPCs. Walk north and you’ll meet our lovely NPCs. On your left is Aruna Staff (veil 114 65) and on your right is Solo Pack Distributor (veil 125 65) who can help you with starting off your wonderful and fulfilling adventures with us! They can only give these useful items once, use them wisely! Let’s go through all the NPCs available in the Main Town Veil Advance Pbag- Allows to be test damage; you can set it up using NPC Punch Bag Owner Location: veil 114 135 ALL IN ONE SHOP- Allows to performs the specific tasks: Platinum Skill - Provide Platinum/Special Skill of your Character Rental Master - Provides Cart for Merchants, Falcon for Hunters and PecoPeco for Swordsman. Remove Card - Allows to de-card or remove card for equipment; you would need to pay 200,000z for the flat rate fee, plus 50,000z for each card to be removed and would also need a Star Crumb and a Yellow Gemstone to perform the task. Gym Master - Allows to increase your weight capacity by 200 per one Gym Pass. You can only use 10 Gym Pass per character. Box Trader - Allow to put items in a box Yggdrasil Berry - 100pcs and a fee of 50,000z Yggdrasil Seed - 100pcs and a fee of 50,000z White Potion - 100pcs and a fee of 50,000z Location: veil 134 113 Artifact Maker - Allows to make artifact needed for Tier Enchantment/Crafting. Location: veil 91 108 Aro Dystuff- Allows to Make ARO Dyestuffs; Scarlet, Lemon, Cobaltblue, Darkgreen, Orange, Violet, White and Black. Location: veil 82 139 BG Shop - Soon Implemented Location: veil 89 112 Bossnia Point Shop - Allows to purchase Green Valkyrie Armors (Shoes/Manteau/Shield) using your Bossnia Points. Location: veil 102 93 Bossnia Staff - Allows to warp to Bossnia Dungeon where you can defeat monster to earn Bossnia Points. He also shows your Bossnia rank/points. Location: veil 89 91 Build Reset Girl- Allows to reset your Stat or Skills. She also allows you to Save and Load registered Stat/Skills. Location: veil 132 110 Brok - Quest Shop - Allows to craft Weapons, Headgears, Armors, Costumes, Accessories with 15% chance. Under reconstruction. Location: veil 88 127 Cap Claw Machine - Allows to exchange random prizes for every 250,000z Random Prize: 1 Milwaukee Bucks Hat 1 Los Angeles Clippers Hat 1 Memphis Grizzlies Hat 1 Atlanta Hawks Hat 1 Miami Heat Hat 1 New York Knicks Hat 1 Dallas Mavericks Hat 1 Brooklyn Net Hat 1 Denver Nuggets Hat 1 Oklahoma Thunder Hat 1 Orlando Magic Hat 1 Indiana Pacers Hat 1 New Orleans Pelicans Hat 1 Detroit Pistons Hat 1 Toronto Raptors Hat 1 Sacramento Kings Hat 1 Philadelphia 76ers Hat 1 San Antonio Spurs Hat 1 Phoenix Sun Hat 1 Minnesota Timberwolves Hat 1 Portland Trail Blazers Hat 1 Utah Jazz Hat Location: veil 150 112 Coin Exchanger - Allows you to turn your Zeny to Coins for convenient storage/trading. The NPC will also allow you to change your coins back to Zeny. Note: Server’s maximum Zeny limit is Two Billion (2 Billion Zeny) Currency: Mythril ARO Coin: 1,000,000,000z Gold ARO Coin: 100,000,000z Bronze ARO Coin: 10,000,000z Location: veil 158 103 Compensation - On Revision Location: veil 139 84 Daily Blessing - Allows to receive some Present as a reward for joining and supporting the server. Don’t forget to check with him everyday! Location: veil 102 82 Dietrich- Allows to purify Rough Oridecons or Rough Eluniums. He will need five Rough Stones to make one pure. Location: veil 88 158 Disguise Event - Allows you to join Disguise Event which is announced throughout server broadcast, watch out for these events. This NPC will disguise itself as a random monster available to Ragnarok Online. You have to shout (chat in public) that monster’s name. Location: veil 165 121 Donation Shop - Allows to exchange Proof of Donation(s) to certain Costumes, Top/Middle/Lower Gears, Armor, Accessories and Usable Items. Location: veil 150 126 Emperium Breaker Test - Allows you to test your damage on Emperium. It will also allow you to view the Official Record of the fastest break done. Location: veil 99 142 Emperium Type - Allows to test damage on Emperium Location: veil 125 135 Event Shop - Allows to exchange Event Tickets to certain Costumes, Popular, Buff Foods and Armors. Location: veil 149 29 Global Ranking - Allows to view PVP and WOE Ranking for Daily, Weekly and Monthly. It also allows you to view ‘My Enemies’. Location: veil 108 145 Godly Costume Enchanter - Allows enchant costume headgears. He has a few requirements to complete the upgrade for you. Location: veil 96 107 Godly Refiner - Allows to refine items straight to Safe Refine Limit, Normal, Or Multiple Times. Location: veil 80 157 Gold Room - Allows to be warped in Gold Arena where you find Golden Chocobo where when you defeat one you’ll earn 1-3 Gold Points. Note: There is maximum of 100,000 Gold Points per entry, if you already earned 100,000 points you will be warped automatically back to Veil Town, that also means if you still have 100,000 Gold Points and tries to re-entry Gold Room, you’ll be warped too. You can exchange Gold Point to Gold (969) by simply talking to him too. Location: veil 143 104 Guild Package NPC - Soon Implemented Location: veil 131 72 Healer- Allows to restore 100% HP/SP and provides Buffs such as Blessing and Increase AGI. Location: veil 117 115 Hollgrehenn - Allows to refine all kinds of weapons, armor and equipment. Each refinement would generate a fee and would need items: Weapons would need Oridecon and for Armor/Equipment would need Elunium. Location: veil 85 156 Hourly Shop- Allows to exchange Hourly Coins to certain Costumes Headgears and Usable Items. Location: veil 151 122 Kafra Employee- Allows to Save to town, use Storage, Use Teleport Service, Rent a Pushcar and Check Other Service. Location: veil 109 111 King of Emperium - Allows you to warp on the current active KoE arena. Note: The NPC only appears when KoE is on active status. Location: veil 113 106 King Poring - Allows to merge three cards into a new random card for 500,000z. See Link for List of MVP cards available from King Poring: https://discord.com/channels/699480806372147200/795861697101037588/797679181897924640 Location: veil 142 142 KoE Shop- Soon Implemented Location: veil 88 117 Job Master - Allows to change jobs without the need to do the Job Quests. Location: veil 105 113 Leablem - Allows to add slots to weapons and armor, unlike his brother Seiyablem, his slotting services are limited. Location: veil 91 161 Lotti Girl - Allows to exchange random prizes for every 20 Proof of Donation. Grand Prize: 1 Nydhorgg’s Shadow Garb Random Prize: 1 Convex Mirror 1 Akaraje 1 null 1 Guyak Pudding 1 Token of Siegfried 1 Gym Pass Location: veil 151 117 Mall Warper - Allows to warp to Mall where NPC sells, weapons, armors, accessories and more! Location: veil 131 34 MVP Ladder - Allows you to view ‘My Status’, Daily/Weekly/Monthly Ranking for MVP kills on their natural habitat. Location: veil 95 134 MVP Shop - Allows to sell items with the used of MVP Coins For now it only sells costumes: Upper - 7th GOD's Helm Mid - 7th GOD's Scarf Lower - FBH Ghost Lower - Quas Wex Exort Mid - Spell Barier Upper - Anon Hat Upper- Cap Series 20 Mid - Golden Valkyrie Ears Lower - Sage Robe Upper - Angelic Hunters Cap Upper - Bapho Hat Lower - Black Gangster Scarf Lower - Bubble Gum In Mouth MVP Warper - Allows you to warp to MVP Arena where certain boss type monsters spawn in a timely manner. There are four types of MVP Arena to choose from and each has a different tier of difficulty. Location: veil 149 92 Punch Bag Owner- Allows to set ‘Advance Pbag’ based on the parameter you want. Location: veil 109 129 PVP ROOM- Allows to be warped in PVP Arena. Location: veil 114 118 PVP REWARD- Allows you to claim reward for being one of the TOP 5 PVP Players. Location: veil 131 145 Re-Roll Tier Enchant - Allows to re-roll the stats of ANY Tier Enchantment, player will need 1 similar item as sacrifice. Location: veil 85 99 Seiyablem - Allows to add Slot to normal Weapon and Armor. He would ask specific item and fee depending on the Weapon or Armor you are adding slot to. Location: veil 80 150 Settings - Allows to set game setting for Account Based and it will take effect after relogging. Setting available are Auto Loot, Show Delay, Rates on login, Show Exp, Show Zeny and Uptime on login. Location: veil 82 102 Sindri - Quest Shop - Allows to craft Weapons, Headgears, Armors, Costumes, Accessories with 15% chance. Under reconstruction. Location: veil 90 132 Stalker - Allows Stalker Class to copy skills from the list: Fire Bolt Cold Bolt Lightning Bolt Frost Driver Jupitel Thunder Storm Gust Lord of Vermilion Meteor Storm Heaven’s Drive Earth Spike Acid Demonstration Sacrifice Flying Kick Bash Bowling Bash Triple Attack Lightning Spear of Ice Crimson Fire Petal Raging Fire Dragon Wind Blade Location: veil 163 108 Stylist - Allows to change Style of your character, it can be the Hair Style, Hair Color and/or Cloth Color. Each style has a fee of 10,000z. Location: veil 133 125 Tierra Enchanter - Allows to Enchant Equipment up to three Tiers. Location: veil 90 105 Tool Dealer- Allows to purchase items such as Usable Items, Buffs Foods, Soul Linker, Blacksmith Tools, Alchemist Tools, Ammunitions and Pet Foods. Location: veil 129 111 Vending Helper - Allows for Merchants to Vend in the town. There are 54 Vending Slots. Location: veil 128 202 VIP NPC- Soon Implemented Location: veil 106 125 Vurewell - Sells two kinds of Metal which are Phracon use for Level 1 Weapons and Emveretarcon for Level 2 Weapons. Location: veil 82 153 Warper - Allows to be warped/teleported to Dungeons/Field/Towns/Guild Castle. Location: veil 122 115 WOE Information - Allows to view if War of Emperium is active and which castles are open. It also allows viewing WoE Castle Owners and WoE Schedule. Location: veil 105 110 WoE Shop - Soon Implemented Location: veil 88 122 World Boss- Allows to view Kill Left to trigger/summon World Boss. He also allows you to be warper/teleported to World Boss Spawn Arena. Location: veil 122 123 Ygg Room - Allows to warp to Ygg Arena where random monster drops Yggdrasil Berry (607) once defeated. Location: veil 122 123
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