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  1. Lilith's Lilin stole Valentine's Exploring the town of Moscavia, you then get amaze of the Amphitheater where the Lovapalooza by Cupid is going to take place. Cupid no longer shoot people on the heart to make them fall in love, rather he holds concerts/event in Moscavia and spread the love through songs and the ever-powerful Cupid Choco Centre stage you see the beautiful Evha, talking particularly no one, herself perhaps. [NPC] Evha – Event Valentines Moscovia 266, 208 Lilith the Queen of Succubus happens to fly by and heard Evha and is very much interested on getting all the Cupid Choco for her and her Lilins to give to their prey men. Lilins appear upon Lilith’s commands and steal all Cupid Choco. Cupid Choco Item ID# 7975 Note: Lilin's have 2 pcs sure drop cupid choco, and 8 pcs 30% chance to drop per kill. Evha then asks for your help to retrieve those Cupid Choco from those beautify yet evil-Lilin that swarm around random town. She is sure that once Lilin is defeated, it will drop Cupid Choco. Lilith – Lilin Monster ID# 3531 The npc will announce the town where the lilin's flee. you can search them easily using the new item "Lilin Searcher" that can be bought on Tool Dealer(veil). As a token of gratitude, Evha will exchange a Valentine Gift Box for every 3 Cupid Choco returned to her, so keep on helping her getting those lovely chocolates! Valentine Gift Box Item ID# 50016 Valentine Gift Box Item Drop: Headgears Preview Note: This event triggers every hour This event will be removed after Feb 14, 2021 Top 3 Lilith Killers for every round of this event will be given MVP Coins, Top 1 = 5 MVP Coins, Top 2 = 4 MVP Coins, Top 3 = 3 MVP Coins
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