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  1. =====WELCOME TO ARUNAFELTZ GAMING===== =====Here's a guide to our Main Town (Veil) NPCs. ===== As you pass through the inevitable warp portal in order to start your adventure, You'll be greeted by the following NPCs: If you are new, use @request "I'm new to the server, can I please have more freebies to help me start?" GMs that are currently available may provide you with further freebies if they check that you're actually new to the server. ===== After receiving the freebies, you'll then want to go straight further and you'll be greeted by the following NPCs: ===== And walking further ahead, you will be greeted by the following NPCs: ===== And at the centre of the Main Town, here are the following NPCs you might encounter: ===== On the left hand side of the map, you may find the Enchanting System & Quests Shop that may aid you with your adventures. ===== Assuming you're still around this area, when you take SOUTH, these are the following NPCs: ===== And here are the NPCs when you take NORTH from the Quest Shop Area: ===== On the right-hand side of the map, these NPCs will blow your mind away: ===== SOUTH from where you currently are (right-hand side of the map) will have these NPCs: ===== And here are the other NPCs that you may find interesting: If you would like to donate or support the server, here's the GUIDE on how to. ===== Claiming your title for the extra buff in-game, the NPC is located here: ===== Thank you, God bless.
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