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  1. hahahaha haisst, walang pinagbago hahah mabuti pa ipaalam din sa ibang private servers. 😂 di na uso chixilog gaming saka scammers sa classic ro.
  2. In-Game Name: vmlxiv Discord ID: realvic14 #1526 Game Unique ID: 1012396876 hahahaha, ambag kahit di pasok sa raffle. happy anniv!
  3. Character Name: old school Applying to win as: Mr. Aruna To be a Mr. Aruna is to be represented by the whole Ragnarok community that keeps on playing the same RPG from our childhood up to who we are now. I will not be deserving thus I want to represent most of us who find the game still enjoyable and fun. The game will be there in any brand of server, We just find the family we seek here in Arunafeltz. We are all playing a real-life RPG, we never grow up, we just got older, they called us childish, we find ourselves old school. As Mr. Aruna, the name itself represents the Ragnarok community behind the server Arunafeltz. Arunafeltz is an escape for all of us and I'm glad to get the chance to be part of it and got myself a chance to be Mr. Aruna. Thanks for the opportunity admins and staff.
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