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  1. "We are a guild full of fun and creativity , activeness and knowledge." Guild Name Untouchables Guild Leader: Madam Janes Guild Admin: Heather Mason Guild Members; ☑️Angry ☑️Kyosuke ☑️Noviceee ☑️Assassin Cross Joint ☑️ SGN Emilia Rose ☑️SGN Hellion ☑️SGN Madara ☑️SGN Ava ☑️ProfessorD1 ☑️ProfessorD2 ☑️Clown for D ☑️Clown For your D ☑️Clown for Jegs ☑️SpitJT ☑️SpitJS ☑️Dark Repulser ☑️White Blazer ☑️Touch Me
  2. IGN: Nes Cafe / JanesSnow By the way, I am James, and dreaming of becoming Aruna Ambassador2021, I thought of joining this contest because I want to be the voice of every player, I also want to be a symbol to be looked at not because of wealth, not because of the amount of equipment I have , not because I am strong, But because I want to be a symbol of a player who has good fellowship and to be recognized as having good intentions. In the few months I have been playing on this server I have learned that there is a lot to fix with old or new players, not in their equipment but in their mind, I want to show them that even though I am not here when it all starts, is so I can still be a real player with real purpose. Every day I play, every day I show that I am a worthy player, leader and good example to everyone. and If I am lucky enough to win this contest, I will continue to be a good example to everyone, new or old, because the secret to being a true and skilled player is mental acuity, clean manners and skill. in making friends. Not everyone has this ability and mindset, but I can only say one thing, I can stand before you and teach good sermons and quick but effective friendships. Again, I turned out to be Janes. "What is the use of being a strong player and a beautiful face if your brain is full of hatreds and trash."
  3. Additional members: IGN: Pis0 IGN: touka IGN: Acidus
  4. Hello Reviewer, Please check all the photos i have submitted for our guild registration 🥰! We are applying as GUILD so that everyone will also know us, we are now starting preparing gaccount for woes and koes and some other evers we also have our own discord you might wanna check it: 🥰 We also attended our First woe Today. Guild Leader: Momshie Janes Guild Name: World Of Domination Number Of Members: 16 Members Online Peak: 14 Members Members IGN: Memoir Of Thanathos Zenmasterako b|lat Simsimi Lady Hunter Malz Beng Beng GoldBoltAlpha PoopCake Crazy Hazuke25 Duckzilla Axie Infinity Drumorg Mizuho Lin
  5. Hi there My name is Lance Liam also known as Momshie Janes and im proud to say that im a member of LGBTQ community: I created this Loading screen "which you can see its a colorful one" and i created it myself to prove that showing my ass is my only talent (joking lol) , I chose to create a colorful one to tell everybody that no matter how dark is the path we are taking right now a colorful path will appear soon, This is also to reminisce the classic ragnarok that we used to have, This is to bring the Nostalgic feeling for everyone, I couldnt be more happy with aruna feltz ro on how the admins and players treated me, But as far as my path gives color i will share it to other people mostly to newbies who is trying to become a succesful player here with our server. I know i been into some issues that people makes but that makes me stronger , i keep my circle small , Trust me with this "LESS TALK LESS MISTAKES" trust your self and the process and someday we will be one of the successful players here in arunafeltz RO. Thank you for all the love and support admins and players you given me, its enough to make me happy and to continue playing ARUNAFELTZ RO. #ANEVERENDINGSTORYintheWORLDofRAGNAROK #HAPPY9MONTHSARUNAFELTZRO #THISONEISALLFORYOU "WE CAN ALL BE WINNER WITH OR WITHOUT THE PRIZES" ❤️
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