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  1. In-Game Name: p4knu Discord ID: Black Hat#6114 Game Unique ID: 1962289304
  2. ign: p4knu "like them I am also one of the fighting chance,I'm probably one of the ambassadors of aruna.Even if I don't look like that, even though I'm not as strong as others, I can keep up. I also help newbies, if you love a game, help your teammates rise, you won't be happy if you run your world alone. Here I made more friends even though they are far away, we trust each other. and hopefully it will continue. let's just keep playing, this is our second home šŸ˜. just don't abuse too much, just the right discipline and the right game to avoid pain. that's all and thanks, keep safe #ILoveArunafeltzā¤ļø #Legions
  3. In all the scenarios that could be this War of Emperium I chose, Although there are only 5 to 8 of us in our guild, we enjoy playing. We play that yields real friendship and mischief.
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