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  1. In-Game Name: Bango Discord ID: - EmilyowLorenzow#1542 Game Unique ID: 1634795557 Sorry paper is small
  2. Here's my entry for the contest. I chose these memories and these images because Arunafeltz RO - for me - signifies camaraderie, bonds, and relationships that transcend the gaming experience whether it be from your PC screen or your phone. It is unlike any other private server that I have ever played or experienced. From day 1, the very people who offered to help me in showing me what things I need to farm or what items I need to aim for have become my friends and these bonds have made my Arunafeltz RO experience that much more enjoyable. The photo on the right is me with some players and some of the admins of the game, and the reason I added that is because I have never encountered any other private server with this much hands-on involvement from admins and this is something I greatly appreciate. We see how hard they are working to maintain the positive enjoyable experience for us players and this is something that will keep me playing Arunafeltz RO for a long, long time. Thank you!
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