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  1. Note (This build is released for newbei player's guide it's up to player's if they want's to copy it or modified it) Paladin Devo type (war of emperium) (Low budget type) This build was made to only guide newbei's on the server i will explain every detail of item's in the picture. stats - str- 99 for so you can carry more potion agi - (optional) for status hitting like dispell same time activate's gemini card effect vit- 255 for more Health int- Dex -160 (why 160 not 150?) incase of quagmire or debuffs so it will not affect you skill casting luk -0 Equipment Headgear -I would recommend black feather beret (quest hg)+7 will do but +9 is better if u can get one. because of the refine effect as you can see on picture . it will give you additional reduce damage form demi-human by 2% so it will be total of 12% (10%) on main (effect) and vit + 3 and mdef + 4 which is big help countering damage of player's Mid gear -protection feather's (quest hg)which is better when combo with Black feather beret +9. Because of additional max hp+8% that will help you to sustain the incoming damage from devo skill. same time it gives you 2 % more reduce damage from demi-human and mdef+ 5 (give's you 5% magic resist) Mid gear - Dragon sword back (donation item) (farmable) Armor - i would recommend Geffen Magic Robe either +9 or + 7 will do , but you can also use Aegir Armor if you still don't have this kind of item. I would recommend Max hp 3 / 4 / 5 % hp on enchant so you will have higher health and you can sustain incoming damage better And this armor will help you to sustain thanatos card damage because you will have lower def using this. it will give you 30% on +7 and 50% reduce def if +9 it's like using grimtooth. Weapon - i will recommend Dragon spear +10 because it will give's you additional vit+ 5 and 10% max hp if you can make it +10 it will be better because it will give you 10% resist on demi-human same time you can also use (VRC card it will let you cast auto dispel when someone hit's you ) and (fabre card give's you more vit) but you can also use Grimtooth for lower def and lesser damage from thana user's Shield - i will recommend dragon shield with Golden thief bug card . it will give you 5 more mdef and 20% resist on water fire and undead and this item will be available already on you freebies.. (GTB CARD) Gives you 50% resist on magic damage and prevent's dispel and other debuff like stone curse and more. Mantue - dragon mant +10 will be the best because of reflect % and i would like to recommend mdef 3 / 4 / 5 or vit 1 / 2 /3 on enchant ment and (Deviling card ) help's you resist nuetral ( acid demon skill and asura strike) but give's you more damage on other property skills Shoes - dragon shoes will do because you can get it on freebies i will recommend hp % 5 / 10 / 10 for enchant ment for higher hp same time give's you 50% resist to sleep (boss egnigem cenia card) (green ferus card ) any of this two it will give you more hp but green ferus gives you vit +1 extra Accesories - i will recommend using Geffen magic ring's for combo effect of geffen magic robe why not use 2 of same kind ? answer : because combo effect don't stack which is 5% reduce damage to demi human which is really big help cards alligator / sup alligator will do ( resist on longrange attacks) But you can also use Dark rosary if you are using aegir armor set it will give's you more vit and mdef and this is only monster drop (easy to get) # HOPE THIS HELP YOU happy hunting everyone godspeed For more question pm me on discord @gmnoah
  2. Visit this Wiki Link: Player Commands - ArunaWiki (arunafeltz.com)
  3. Arunafeltz Ragnarok Online Refinement's guide ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ Refining of Equipment in General Refining an equipment will give it a boost in stats, and the boost will be determined by quite a few factors. In refining, equipment's are divided into 2 categories, which are Weapons & Armors. Generally, refining a Weapon will give it extra Attack, while refining an Armor will boost its Defense. An equipment failed in the process of refining will be destroyed. Destroy in this context is refering to being completely smashed into a thousand million pieces & is absolutely irreversible. Any Cards slotted to it will also be destroyed by the wicked hammer. The maximum refine rate of Equipment is 10. The current refine rate of the Equipment will be denoted by having "+#" as its prefix, where "#" will be its refine rate. For example, Refining a Composite Bow [4] once will change its name to "+1 Composite Bow [4]" All of the details for the abovementioned will be covered in the later part of this guide. Refining of Weapons Ways of Refining Refining of Weapons can be done through 2 ways: Player and Hollgrehenn. Hollgrehenn (@veil 86 156) Hollgrehenn is well-hated and possibly the most well-know NPC in Ragnarok Online, although not many can spell his full name when asked. You will find him after entering the portal at Prontera ( 179, 184 ), waiting eagerly to break what you have. Player A Whitesmith can do the job too, and is a much better choice compared to Hollgrehenn. Reasons with statistics will be provied below. Hollgrehenn Hollgrehenn has the success rate equivalent to that of a Job Level 50 smith: Refine Success Rate (%) [Job 50] +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 Weapon Lv 1 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 60 40 20 Weapon Lv 2 100 100 100 100 100 100 60 40 20 20 Weapon Lv 3 100 100 100 100 100 60 50 20 20 20 Weapon Lv 4 100 100 100 100 60 40 40 20 20 10 Smith (Whitesmith) A smith will have the refine success rate increased by 0.5% per Job Level, taking Job 50 as the reference point. A smith at max Job Level (70) will have all the success rate increased by 10%, as compared to that of a Job Lv 50 smith. Refine Success Rate (%) [Job 70] +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 Weapon Lv 1 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 70 50 30 Weapon Lv 2 100 100 100 100 100 100 70 50 30 30 Weapon Lv 3 100 100 100 100 100 70 60 30 30 30 Weapon Lv 4 100 100 100 100 70 50 50 30 30 20 In the other hand, a smith with Job Level below 50 will have a lower refine success rate compared to that of a Job Lv 50 smith. Refine Success Rate (%) [Job 30] +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 Weapon Lv 1 100 100 100 100 100 100 90 50 30 10 Weapon Lv 2 100 100 100 100 100 0 50 30 10 10 Weapon Lv 3 100 100 100 100 90 50 40 10 10 10 Weapon Lv 4 100 100 100 90 50 30 30 10 10 0 Damage Bonus When a Weapon successfully gained a refine rate, it will receive Attack Bonus corresponding to its Weapon Level. Weapon Level 1 : +2 / Refine Rate Weapon Level 2 : +3 / Refine Rate Weapon Level 3 : +5 / Refine Rate Weapon Level 4 : +7 / Refine Rate Attack Bonus gained is linear, meaning that getting Weapon A from +1 to +2 will give it the same amount of additional Attack Bonus as it will gain from +8 to +9. Materials Required Hollgrehenn Hollgrehenn will require a specific material on top of a service charge, both depending on the Weapon Level of the Weapon refined. Stated below will be the cost Per Refine Level. Weapon Level 1: 1 Pharcon, 50 zeny Weapon Level 2: 1 Emveretarcon, 200 zeny Weapon Level 3: 1 Oridecon, 5,000 zeny Weapon Level 4: 1 Oridecon, 20,000 zeny Note: Failure will not only break the weapon, but also losing the Materials & Service cost for that particular refine. Whitesmith Unlike Hollgrehenn (read: hooligan), a Whitesmith require only the special metal for refining. Weapon Level 1: 1 Pharcon Weapon Level 2: 1 Emveretarcon Weapon Level 3: 1 Oridecon Weapon Level 4: 1 Oridecon Refining of Armors Ways of Refining Unlike Weapons, armors can only be refined via Hollgrehenn offically. Some server covers this aspect by modifying "Weapon Refine " skill, which enables it to refine Armors too. RRO's Weapon Refine skill was patched to support this. Success Rate Hollgrehenn Hollgrehenn has the success rate equivalent to that of a Job Level 50 smith: Armor Refine Success Rate (%) [Fixed] +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 Armor Refine 100 100 100 100 60 40 40 20 20 10 Smith (Whitesmith / Mechanic) Just like Weapon refine, a smith will have the refine success rate increased by 0.5% per Job Level, taking Job 50 as the reference point. A smith at max Job Level (70) will have all the success rate increased by 10%, as compared to that of a Job Lv 50 smith. Armor Refine Success Rate (%) [Job 30] +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 Armor Refine 100 100 100 90 50 30 30 10 10 0 Armor Refine Success Rate (%) [Job 50] +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 Armor Refine 100 100 100 100 60 40 40 20 20 10 Armor Refine Success Rate (%) [Job 70] +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 Armor Refine 100 100 100 100 70 50 50 30 30 20 Defense Bonus When an Armor successfully gained a refine rate, it will receive a Fixed Armor Defense Bonus of 0.7. Defense Bonus gained is linear, meaning that getting Armor A from +1 to +2 will give it the same amount of additional Armor Defense Bonus as it will gain from +8 to +9. Materials Required Hollgrehenn Hollgrehenn will require an Elunium on top of a 2,000 zenys service charge. Note: Failure will not only break the armor, but also losing the Materials & Service cost for that particular refine. Smith One Elunium per refine. Thats all. Facts & Notes When refining Weapon / Armor via Hollgrehenn, the character's Job Level will NOT affect the success rate. Buffs / Stats-Giving equips does NOT affect the success rate of refining, be it by a player or through Hollgrehenn If you chose the "I'll decide how many times..." option when refining, failing a refine at any stage will get you a full refund for any unattempted refines. For example, if you chose to refine an +0 Armor to +10 under that option, failing at +4 to +5 will give you a refund for +6 to +10. instant refine ticket's instant refine ticket can refine your item depend's on what refine ticket you have there are 2 kind of refine ticket's 1 is for weapon 2nd is for armor's you can get refine ticket's on Monster hunt npc @veil 118 87 or on special event's You can use refine ticket on ticket refiner @veil 74 156 Make sure to pick the right refine ticket that u have before entering the option Blessed ori & elu Blessed oridecon and elunium are one of the safest way to refine your item . instead of breaking it will be downgraded on failed attempt. you can farm blessed ori and elu using (Blessed furnance) you just need this ff item to creat one : Remember crafting blessed stone's are not 100% so make sure to hunt extra materials incase of failed crafting. Refinement chance are only little bit higher on enrichd elu & ori but instead of being destroyed on failed attempt it will be downgraded -1 You can use blessed ore's on blessed ore refiner @veil 73 158 Every 1 attemp of crafting on blessed refiner = 1 pity point's pity point's can be used on blessed refiner to exchange certeain refine ticket You can get piity point's by upgrading your items on blessed refiner 1 refine = 1 - 2 points, Blacksmith blessing (donation item ) Blacksmith blessing is donations item that have high % rate of success failed attemp will not destroy your item nor down grade it will stay on it's refine level But as you can see it's price is high but we can call it safest refine on god items and rare weapon such as hard quest weapon on server you can use blacksmith blessing on blessed blacksmith @veil 74 161 It's same on blessed or every time you refine you will get pity points that you can exchange on blessed blacksmith for refine ticket the higher points the higher refine ticket u get et hope it helps you a lot -GM Noah Dm me on discord for any question Happy hunting everyone
  4. 3rd job suit (alternative sprite quest ) First off all before entering (endless tower) to activate the alternative quest you must speak to dress rozo @veil 132 131 After gaining the alternative quest you can now start the endless tower instance. Instance npc can be seen @ veil 84 83 Note you must have atlease 2 or more member on your party to enter the more member the better and faster you can clear the instance (Suggested jobs) Sniper - dps wizard - aoe skill damage (to clear stage's faster) champion - lurer / boss killer paladin - devo / lurer biochem - support / fcp (incase of strip armor or destroy armor skill's) priest - for resu / Aoe damage Reminder : it's still better to bring ygg drasil leaf for resu or token of siegfried incase of unforseen damage so you don't need to re-enter incase your party have been wipe after talking to instance manager you will be warped @ namless island where you can see the endless tower . npc to generate the entrance you will need to speak to this totem to activate the entrance after that you will be warped on (stage 1) stating from that stage you will need to clear every mobs including boss so you can activate the next portal that will bring you to the next floor, Reminder : do not throw away you ashes of darkness you will need it on floor 100. after reaching floor and killing entwi crothen. at the right side you will see a yellow crystal. you and your party must speak to this crystal to enable to advance on the last boss room reminder: after speaking to this crystal you will be warped on the last boss room OR you will be warped outside the tower (don't worry it doesn't mean it's over remember the ashes of dakness you and your team will need to climb to floor 100 , if u already have 3 ashes of darkness you can speak to floor 1 light lantern (immortal blaizer ) to go straight to floor 75 remember it's on floor 1 right side of your character. You can get ashes of darknes after entering this floor's floor 25 - 1pc of ashes floor 50 - 1pc of ashes floor 75 - 1pc of ashes after reaching floor 100 speak again to yellow licd crystal you will be automatically direct on last boss room from there you will need to clear all mob's that will be summond by the last boss after clearing the summond mobs go upper part of the map last boss will spawn there # Reminder : to finish alternative quest you and each of your team must accumulate damage to the boss monster if you don't reach the max damage your quest will not be completed. Note after kill the last boss there is a chance that it will drop 2 sword's naght sieger red & blue this to sword can be crafted as violet fear at this npc below you and this will also server as your exit note naght siger sword's is quest item's to create cero horn so it's still up to you if u will make biolet fear or use it on quest .......................................................................................................................................................................................... hope this help you well , goodluck and godspeed arunian's happy farming -GM Noah
  5. Enchantment of armor set (guide) to enchant your items you must have this item's to enchant your armor set Step 1 you must speak to tierra enchanter @veil 89 104 Tierra enchanter enchant's your items by tier 1 / 2 / 3. Example: You want to enchant your armor you must wear your armor before enchanting next step is speak to tierra enchanter choose apply enchant then pick armor. after that step armor will be enchanted tier 1 random enchantment. This is the slot for first tier enchantment . reminder each enchant on tierra npc is random. this 1st enchantment on any armor /shoes / manteu cost 1 tier 1 enchantment artifact (first slot enchantment) After that repeat same step to get tier 2 enchantment. note 2nd enchantment cost 1 tier 2 enchantment artifact Repeat again same step till you get 3rd enchantment effect on your item Last tier enchantment cost 1 teir 3 enchantment artifact Reminder: you can't choose tier to reroll on tierra npc each enchantment is automatic distribute per tier's you can only reset enchant's after full enchantment re-rolling per tier will be discussed on 2nd content last step is if you don't like the current enchantment on your armor set you can reset it using tier enchant reset artifact on teirra npc Reminder - using your reset artifact reset's your item enchantment back to 0 note : accident reset will not be refunded so be careful (Here are the list of enchantment per tier) click this link https://arunafeltz.com/wiki/index.php/Tier_Enchantment_System TIP : before you proceed on this next content make sure you already have 2 perfect enchant or atleaset 3rd tier perfect enchant on your item so you won't waste too much item on rerolling tier enchant ================================================================================================== 2nd content Rerolling enchant per tier's You can see re-roll tier enchant on @veil 84 100 Rerolling enchantment or item's is one of the most expensive content on server because 1 re-roll cost 1 same type of item example : (dragon armor full enchanted ) To re-roll 1st tier enchant only you must sacrifice 1 same type of item (it will re-roll 1st tier to random enchantment without destroying 2nd and 3rd) you will be choosing what tier slot you will re-roll so always check it before saying yes.. each re-roll cost same type of item Reminder be careful rerolling you might sacrifice your armor's with card's better to remove it first or put it on storage it's non refundable You can always repeat same step again and again util you get your perfect enchant. Hope it help you for more question please dm me at discord @Gm Noah happy enchanting everyone..
  6. Farm guide for mass gathering of material's you need (newbei's guide) Remeber this guide is good for newbei's to help them farm faster this build uses storm gust skill as main aoe killing damage and lord of vermillion for sustain damage of storm gust incase the mobs was been frost. alternate casting so the frozen mobs will be free and the storm gust damage will continue . because if the monster is frozen the damage of the storm gust will stop . thats why you need to cast lord of vermillion to remove frost status. Stats: Str+ 129 (enable to carry fly wing / item mats / potion's ) Agi+ 99 (sustain max aspd incase of decrease agi skill of monster or quagmire) Vit+ 100 (sustain high hp ) Int+ 255 (increase magic damage ) Dex+ 150 (sustain no casting skill ) Items: Upper hg - Aegir helm = reduce after cast delay of skill by 40% ( and increase yoour matk+10% if your base in is 255) Mid hg - Aegir mask = matk +2% (sealed kiel card ) enable fast casting of skill + aegir helm = 70% after cast delay already enought for you to farm faster Lower hg - Aegir mask (all stat's +1) Weapon -as you can see we have 2 option's on weapon ( dargon staff / kiel staff) (Kiel staff) positive - enable faster casting of skill's negative - incase you need to farm on pvp or gvg on map you can't use this weapon (Dragon staff) Positive - you can use it anytime anywhere gives you additional int + 5 + matk+1% per refine and dex+ 3. Negative - not fast as kiel staff when it come's to skill casting cause dragon staff don't have after cast delay (Armor set) Chosen armor set = as you can see i recommend chosen armor set for this build because it give's you additional matk per chosen parts you use . read knot of magic effect ( which will make your farming more faster because of high damage output per skill you cast it will be easy to kill high hp mobs). Accesories - knot of magic (for item combo effect ) / any accesories with 1 slot for TP porpose (creamy card) to eneable farming faster ARO (ITEM ID on quest materials) note u cacn always use @whodrops in game so you can know where to get specific item you need example @whodrops 36062. Aro yellow bijou # 36062 Aro blue bijou #36060 Aro red bijou # 36061 ARO witch star sand # 36032 Aro burning heart # 36041 Aro burning hair # 36045 Aro coal # 36028 Aro treasure box # 36059 Aro reins # 36033 Aro star crumb #36026 Aro Fabric # 36030 Aro glacial heart # 36066 Aro used iron plate # 36056 Aro shining scale # 36008 Aro bloody rune # 36067 Aro rusty screw # 36055 Aro whither less rose # 36003 Aro valhalla flower # 36064 Aro dark mask # 36048 Aro dark crystal fragment # 36054 Aro yarn # 36038 Aro Steel # 36025 Aro armor piece of dullahan # 36051 Aro rough elu # 36005 Aro rough ori # 36006 Aro rough wind # 36023 Aro crystal blue # 36018 Aro solid iron piece # 36063 Aro Tengu nose # 36049 Aro golden hair # 36031 Aro yellow plate #36046 Aro ice cubic # 36040 Aro rune of darkness # 36065 Aro cyfar # 36039 (Aro dyestuff ) - you can take dyestuff quest on @veil 83 138 (List of requirment's) MIxture and counteragent quest can be made @veil 81 136 (List of requirments) Enjoy hunt hope it help's you to start farming on aruna and welcome newbei's Note this build can be use also on -gold room faming (skill on)
  7. Bloody branch farming guide remeber when starting as newbei you must farm gold first on gold room here's a guide you can visit for gold room farming link https://arunafeltz.com/forum/index.php?/topic/179-newbei-guides-for-farming-sniper-gold-room-build/ so you can buy all you need for bloody branch farming, here are the guide's for Bloody branch farming build''s (Freebies set) (no enchant)(budget meal items) Stats : *VIT +249 why vit ? as you can see on weapon effect if u reach 250 vit it will give you 400% atk. *DEX +255 to increase damage of longrange weapon's 400% atk alone is too low *LUK+ 33 (add's crit chance) ITEM's *Upper hg =Legionair's hat /soldier hat - increase damage to boss monster by 20% (Gemini-s58 card) why ? ttoo prevent status such as stone cursed sleep which is annoying foor farmer's . you must equip 2 pcs to get 100% immunity *Mid hg = aegir's mask - atk +2% (gemini-s58 card) *Lower hg = Aegir's mask ( for all stats +1) or if u have red rose on quest shop it's better *Armor = dragon armor = for it's combo effecttt which is a big help on damage and resist for magic (tao gunka card) for high hp and bring (marc card) incase of skc and kattalunux boss *Weapon = (Gattling gun) why ? as you can see on the picture The skill of gunslinger (Gattling fever) increase not only attack but also your attack speed. that's why i don't need to put dopple card oor agi for attack speed the buff it's self is enought to max out you attack speed on 197 *(cards ) 2 Abyssmal knight card (increase damage to boss monster ) 2 turtle general card (increase atk by 20% ) Note: always cast Gatling fever so you can kill faster *Mantue = Dragon mantue (for dragon set combo effect to work (card depend's on your need ) *Shoes = Dragon boots (for combo effect to work ) (cards) Green ferus card for hp % and super easy to hunt Accesories = Archer figure 2pcs (inccrease long range damage + dex ) you can find it on @quest super easy to make (card's) i would like to suggest (owl baron card ) for lex aeterna for double damage and (zerom card ) for additional damage and super easy to hunt *Ammution's and basic food buffs Remeber always cast gatling fever to enable your damage and atk speed Abrasive -increase crit rate by 100% Aloevera - casting provoke lvl 1 on your self (add's damage) Box of gloom - auto cast attention concent (add's damage) Foods - str/vit/dex/luk/agi/int (for additional stats) Converter's - one of the most important cause each boss have own elemental weakness example stormy knight you must use wind converter for high damage Bullet - (Holy bullet) 10 bullet is all you need why holy only cause u already have elemental converter too use incase yu need too change your normal attack property Potion's - i will suggest bring ygg and aruna elixir for sustaining your hp Note: bloody branch can only be summoned on @veil 103 80 (you must have atlease a party to enter and 1M zenny ) For more question's kindly pm me on discord @Gm Noah happy hunting everyone
  8. Newbei ' s farming guide you must enter this portal it will teleport you on starting town or main town of the server (veil) first of all after entering portal on starting map you will have to click this freebies npc that contains freebies items that can help you to farm your starting items. npc name's aruna staff npc ( @warp veil 114 39) and solopack distrib (@ veil 125 39 ) this npc contain's - (Kiel staff) - newbei weapon so you can farm faster using wizard gives you fast casting of skills ,remember only for farming not working on pvp or woe ..... (basic supplies) like food's / exp manual / job manual / pots and more . to help you level up faster using this max level only takes 5mins . rental ring's for physical / magical job's and gaining extra xp ea monster kill only for 3days . How to go in traning grounds? for leveling purpose ? (just type @train ) ea floor contain's harder monster but higher xp rate .we also have job changer on @train if xp is little bit low for your ccurrent level find (guardian npc ) click harder monster to increase your xP gain ea kill you get after reaching max level cap use @request for extra freebies from gm . freebies box from gm consist of the ff on picture below. it's all account bound Guide ************************************** sniper build with items that can help you farm faster on gold room remember :always bring fly wing''s before using @autoattack features of the server fly wing weight is only 0.01 (autoattack use normal attack on random target) question? does autoattack feature's use skills = answer is no it only use normal attack and fly wing to teleport to other location''s question? does autoattack feature's use teleport skill on creamy = answer is no only fly wing works Sniper (MAX ASPD + CLEAVE BUILD ) (FREEBIES) FOR GOLD ROOM NON-pvp and skill off. (using auto attack) dex + 255 ( for damage ) int + 99 for (auto falcon damage) agi +99 to prevent dropping your aspd (it depends on you ) i only put some agi incase for unforseen etc . vit+ it depends on you if you want to sustain your life put some vit (but peco on gold room don't do that much damage str +to able to carry some potion and etc. luk +149 (for auto falcon chance and critical) equipment's headgear - freebies hg ( don't need expensive hg for faming gold ) (vanberk card) mid headgear - freebies ( vanberk card will do ) lower headgear - freebies armor - dragon armor (you can get 3 pcs dragon armor set on freebies from gm) (tao gunka card for high hp) weapon - i would suggest dragon bow but you can also use composite bow if u have other need for dragon bow card ( dopple card for stable aspd / baphomet card if u have some for cleave damage ) mantue - i would suggest dragon manteu for it's combo set effect .( whisper card for addtional damage) shoes - dragon shoes ( for combo effect ) ( card wild rose to have a high perfect dodge or general egnigem for high hp) ring's - any ring avail on your inventory ( you dont need expesive rings for farm rms rings will do) ( card yoyo card or any card that can help you farm faster ) Always remeber to check your inventory for fly wing's ( if u don't have flywing while using @autoattack feature's expect less farmed gold) flywing weight is 0.01 only so you can bring as much as you can question how can we turn on and off @autoattack feature's just use same command to on / off the autoattack question where is the gold room ? (gold room is located @ veil 142 104 note : you must be insde the gold room map before entering autoattack mode to prevent wasting resource always see your character if it's still farming sometime''s we are have emergency maintenance or it's already disconnected . note max zenny is 2 billion only ( if u exceed transfering zenny to mythril coin we won't be resposible for it ) HAPPY HUNTING for more question kindly pm me on discord @Gm Noah!!!
  9. Rules : Must be unique style with aruna logo. See top Picture as Example Theme is for most unforgettable memories on arunafeltz this month. Must not be from google. Participants must state why you choose that memories in the forum post (Not necessarily need to be included on the picture) 1 Loading Screen entry per player We will choose top 5 .. rest of participant will recieve conso Participants. must submit their entry on our Forums We will be posting the 5 best pick of the gm's on faceboook group then the entry with most vote of the players will win Only the first vote will count. (1 Vote per player/person no double voting) Gm picking criteria for the top 5 pick Unique style 30% Creative 20% Aruna logo 10% Originality 30% Best answer on why did you choose that memories 10% We will accept entries until Sept 17, 2021 Top 5 voting will start on Sept 17 till Sept 18, 2021 (10:00AM). Goodluck Arunian's Prize: Top 1, 3 aruna token 500cv 1k etix Top2, 500 cv 500 etix Top3, 400cv 500 etix Top4, 300cv 500 etix Top5, 200cv 500 etix Conso, 500 etix Note: Use the following ARUNA Logo's as you need
  10. First To make Awakened Mjolnir event rules you must submit screenshot of mats & finish product of your awakend mjolnir where to submit : Discord:https://discord.gg/KEKn4Zaa DM me GM noah or submit it on my facebook account GM Noah or Reply Here on Forums Prizes: 1st Place: 1K CV 1k Event Ticket 2nd Place: 500 CV 500 Event Ticket
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