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  1. can we get same item re-roll enchant ticket for armors etc? like ex. i have a +10 vm and i want to reroll it's enchant but i don't have another+10 to sacrifice. so the re-roll enchant would act as if it's a +10 vm. would be nice to have if it could be done and i suggest if it could be made that it drops only on tier A A.S.S. or floor 51 domain or some new hard instance with low % chance of course of it dropping thanks.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/109279464543432/videos/167139921855785
  3. Can we removed the 5 min cooldown before you can use this glass of illusion that you can buy in hourly point shop? since it's usefulness is only a min anyways, plus upon death its removed. same goes for the other ones like this i assume they also have 5min cooldown before use thanks.
  4. Did not receive the monthly reward in the mail for being in the top 5 mvp hunters and me being in the top 1 you can check all time ranking to verify i am indeed in the top 1 monthly since its erased now on the monthly tab on the npc or i guess check logs
  5. 1.Can we have this ID#12320 be reverted back to pre-renewal buff which adds Perfect Dodge rather than the current flee which is renewal base?. pre-renewal effect https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=item_db&item_id=12320 current effect=renewal https://ratemyserver.net/re_item_db.php?item_id=12320&ird=0&small=1&back=1 2.Can we by any chance have bossnia MVP's drop a custom aRO Box(like gift boxes gives random things) example of drops could be aRO dyestuffs/other aRO mats and of course some junks as well. cause honestly farming on bossnia is boring lol 3.Have Corrupted material/HE Bubble Gums/be available on ET Shop? 4.Have Gym pass be available on Hourlyshop? could be 1 for 200-500 hours lol 5.Reduced White potion weight to 5 or something? 6.Abolish the chance on making artifacts its already hard enough to get the enchant you want on a specific item. could increase the items needed just make it 100% chance 7.Can we have more stuff on the MVP ladder shop? currently you can only buy mvp coins from it. Also i think points is bugged i can't get ladder points anymore by killing mvp's in the field and also there's a cap on it i think which is 560. Thanks
  6. Have PD (perfect Dodge) available as a enchant on the costume enchant system? And About PVP maybe have players get *dispelled upon entering the pvp dojo and remove ygg usage let players learn how to use other means of healing besides that. well that's it for my suggestion thanks
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