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  1. SINX VS SINX EVENT: TOURNEY RESULTS Here are the winners of the Sinx VS Sinx Event last June 26, 2022: Grand Winner: bibijuju 2nd Place: Yorr 3rd Place: aaaji Participants: Peyn No Ctrl Forbs ParkGiba FleshLight Macy Zohan SINXngPINAS NelzonSinx ZentriX NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB Never Hit indiCaa Bal Deng faslkdme G X A Cerberus We may have had a little hiccup during this event. Nevertheless, we would like to thank everyone who joined the live most especially the players who took the time and participated in this event, this wouldn't be a blast without you butetes! Once again, thank you so much for making this possible and we hope to see you on our next 1 VS 1 battle! ❤️
  2. Hello Butetes! We have recently launched our support ticketing system via Discord which will definitely make your requests/issues easier to cater! It is Similar to @request in-game, but this time it is on DISCORD, and we can have an archive for the tickets so it will be easier to track, and you can also receive an update whenever a GM is online. to open a Ticket just type /open <subject> and it will automatically create a ticket, visit your desired ticket channel that the bot has assigned to you to talk to the Staff. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/xwK88MG8Yj Here is a step-by-step guide if you are on the visual side, like me! 💗 1. Go to any channel (i.e pinoy chat, etc) and type /open + the subject/inquiry/issue then tap Enter. 2. A ticket will be automatically created. Next is, click on the #ticket-xxx to be routed to your support ticket queue. 3. You can add detailed information on this chat box, i.e someone hacked my account, etc. 4. Once the available GM Claimed your ticket, it will look like this, this is the perfect time to state your concerns, issue or whatnot. 😅 5. Once the issue is resolved, the GM team can now close your ticket. 6. The good thing about the Ticket system is you can simply check the chat transcript just in case you missed something, etc. 7. Done! FAQ Q: So, what are the benefits of this? I can simply DM a GM or send @request in-game? A: Since most of our GM's are in different time zones, there is no guarantee that they can respond in a timely manner. With the ticketing system, all GM's are assigned to each case and they can answer it whenever they are online. Compared to @request, there is a possibility that no one is available or by the time that the available GM replies to your DM, you may already be offline. Q: What is the turnaround time? A: This may vary on the request or issues that you are encountering. Q: What if I already sent a message in game and nobody answered, can I still file a ticket? A: of course, you can! Easy, isn't it? 💗 Visit us on Discord: https://discord.gg/xwK88MG8Yj
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